17 November 2011 (Thursday) - Stuff

Another night of going to bed a bit later. It seems to have me sleeping for longer, but there’s a limit to how long you can kip for. The pedestrians do start getting a bit noisy shortly after 5am. They seem to swarm up the road in droves, and have the need to shout to each other; rather than to whisper.

Work was work; and then I came home again. Some things never change. On the way home I had a phone call from Beth from one of the employment agencies: we chatted for some time. I had a text from Karen from another employment agency – she’ll phone tomorrow after the farrier has dealt with her horse.
I don’t know if anything will come from all of this, but I live in hope.

The home learning college phoned. I’d contacted them yesterday about the possibility of doing some courses in web design. They phoned back. I told them that all I wanted to know was the cost. They wouldn’t give me a straight answer - they flannelled and hedged, and couldn’t seem to grasp that cost was my only deciding factor. Why can’t people be up-front about these things?

I had a vague plan to go and look at the meteor shower tonight. But it was cold, so I didn’t bother. After all, I’ve seen meteors before.
And here’s a sign of the times. Have you been watching the BBC’s series “Frozen Planet”?. I haven’t, but it would seem that the Beeb are dropping the episode on global warming to increase the chances of selling the program overseas.
Meanwhile I received an email this evening telling me that “Cockzilla” is the word, and it had details for improving various dimensions. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that “Cockzilla” has much to do with chickens…

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