7 November 2011 (Monday) - Dog Poo

Over the weekend I was rattling on about my diet. I do that quite a bit these days. Whilst the weight loss seems to be working, I seem to spend most mornings in a state of total and painful hunger. So I had some of my lunch for elevensies – that seemed to do the trick.
Having said that, I need to do something about brekkie - two bits of toast isn't filling.

Last night was the last episode of Downton Abbey. I’ve not heard that any of my loyal readers have been watching it, but I’ve been enthralled. And we’ve been left on a cliff-hanger. Can’t wait till the Xmas special.  Talking of which, I wonder if there will be a return of Upstairs Downstairs as well?

And talking of Xmas, I wonder how many children will get the latest novelty game “Doggie Doo” – the winner being the person who accumulates the most dog poo.
What will they think of next…


  1. Although I'm not exactly an authority on dietary requirements, I hear porridge is good because it slowly releases energy during the morning and its quite filling. Just lay off the golden syrup/sugar toppings. Oh and I've never watched Downton abbey, but I feel I'm missing out!

  2. You might need to allow yourself more calories than you are at the moment. You should not feel hungry like that. Plus, losing 4lbs a week is probably too much. When you lose weight too quickly it means you could be losing muscle rather than fat. If the body feels it is starving then it gives up muscle first. Losing 1lb - 2lb (at most) a week would be far healthier. Remember you goal is long term and you cannot go through life starving yourself. I also think it is a good idea to have one day a week off. Pick Saturday or Sunday to have as treats day. It gives you something to look forward to all week. Just my opinion.

  3. I agree with both Sue and Steve. Also can recommend porridge for breakfast - it takes 5 mins in the microwave and then I add fruit. The calories for this and for your toast are very similar. Have a look at Ubatuba as well. He has a much bigger brekkie but it's filling and lasts. Just a suggestion, but you could add fibre to the MFP table as it's a really good indication of whether food will fill you up. A word of caution though - don't overdo the fibre to start with, build up slowly over a week or so as it can of course give you lots of wind!