31 October 2011 (Monday) - Halloween

It takes me a little while to get used to the clocks having gone back. But did you know that this year the Russians haven’t bothered with the nonsense. They have left the clocks on the summertime setting, with darker mornings and lighter evenings. As a mad keen astronomer, I’d rather have the darker evenings. As someone who’s driving home in the dark, I’d rather have lighter evenings. As someone who can’t get used to the clocks changing, I wish we could copy the Russians and leave the things alone regardless of whethere the mornings or evenings are lighter or darker.
And it’s Halloween tonight. We had three loads of “Trick or Treat”-ers round tonight. That’s an improvement on last year. I like “Trick or Treat”…

Today’s news wound me up somewhat. Bearing in mind the problems with piracy in various parts of the world, the Prime Minister has only just announced that British ships can take armed guards with them. Up until now, merchant shipping has had to stand by helplessly as armed pirates sail up to them and take over at gunpoint. Now the decent law-abiding majority can shoot back at the pirates. Good (!)
And talking of today’s news, I see the astro club is on the BBC website. I could be wrong, but aren’t they using one of my photos?

And talking of the astro club, we had a committee meeting today. We shall be a part of Stargazing Live 2012. The club merchandise is coming along well. I’ve agreed to do a talk next year (but have absolutely no idea on what topic). The club’s coming on in leaps and bounds: I’m so glad to be a part of it.

And I’ll end today’s little rant with the observation that having lost two stone in weight over the last few months, I’m now (realistically) still only one third of the way along my weight loss campaign. For all that I’ve noticeably lost weight; I’ve still got quite a way to go.
I just hope that the urge to become a lot less porky keeps itself higher on my priorities than the urge to shove pies down my neck.

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