10 November 2011 (Thursday) - Even More Stuff

A second day of Tesco’s Bran Flakes for brekkie. Again I was remarkably less hungry this morning than I have been in the past. But this will be very short-lived: we’ve run out.
I was under the impression that the Bran Flakes had been lurking round the cupboard for years. But it turned out that ‘er indoors TM  has been scoffing them on a daily basis, and I’d polished off the last of her brekkie. I would have known that if I had been paying attention to what has been going on in her diet diary.

Work’s not going well at the moment, and I’m continuing to apply for jobs at a serious rate, ones I think I could do; ones I think I might like, ones I haven’t a hope of getting. If I don’t try, I’ll never move on. Right now, any job would do…

Meanwhile if any of my loyal readers have a Nokia N8 like me and “Daddy’s Little Angel TM ”, whatever you do, don’t update the software. Apparently doing so stuffs the phone up. Which really proves my point about upgrades. Upgrades should be left alone. If you want an upgrade, buy a new phone.

And here’s something on which to ponder. There is a school of thought in Israel which feels that women should not sing in public. Apparently their doing so conjures up lustful thoughts. One lives and learns…

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