9 November 2011 (Wednesday) - More Stuff

This morning whilst rooting through the cupboards I found a box of Tesco’s Bran Flakes. So I had a bowl of that for brekkie, and was remarkably less hungry than I have been in the past.

Yesterday I applied for a job as a fitness trainer (yes – I know!!) And today I was offered that job. All I have to do is pay them two thousand pounds for their training course and they will supply me with a list of gymnasiums in which I might try to tout my trade. That’s a really good job(!)

Meanwhile the Russians have launched an interplanetary space probe. Intended to land on the Martian moon of Phobos and then return to Earth with some Phobos-rock, the probe has apparently fallen at the first hurdle, and is stuck in Earth orbit. With only three days of battery power remaining, hopes aren’t high for salvaging anything from this mission. Embarrassingly the Russians were also planning to use the rocket to deliver a Chinese probe to Mars as well. I predict that within a few years the Chinese will be offering space on their rockets to highest bidders.

And here’s a sign of the times. In Hastings there is a sad individual who is lurking around various school gates in his car, attempting to entice children in. He seems to move from school to school, and it would seem to be difficult to pin down the movements of this fellow.
A friend of my cousin has got herself into trouble with the police about the matter. Apparently she shouldn’t have alerted the parents to what the police consider to be hearsay and rumour. From what I can determine, the authorities would rather wait until a child has been hurt before they infringe the civil rights of those who lurk around schools for no apparent reason….

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