28 November 2011 (Monday) - Rather Cold

It was cold this morning: I had to shift ice from the car’s windscreen. Is it just me being soppy, but I’m finding the cold dark mornings rather depressing at the moment.

Regular readers of this drivel may recall that I went to the Battle of Hastings re-enactment a few weeks ago. The re-enactment was in the village of Battle, and was on the actual site of the original battle. Or so we thought. It would seem that there is some controversy about the subject, and there is a school of thought that the battle was actually fought a few miles away in Crowhurst.
There was a nice man on the telly today expounding on the matter. Apparently he’d proved it with his divining rods, so there was no need to actually dig up the field and bother looking for any hard evidence. I wonder what I could prove with my divining rods. I might get them out and have a go with them.

I’ve realised that I didn’t run a plug for “Badger Original Landscapes” yesterday. What was I thinking of? Talking of which… I’ve had a few enquiries about doing custom paintings – if any of my loyal readers would like a painting specifically to be given as an Xmas gift, it might be worth getting me going on the painting soon if you want the thing to by dry by Xmas. Otherwise there’s always the stuff I’ve got in stock. They are dry. Mind you, a painting being damp isn’t a problem (as long as you don’t try to wrap it).

And in closing today, I’m sure that my loyal readers have been waiting anxiously for news on “My Boy TM‘s fish. That is, the one he had for his tea last night – not one of the Koi. I’m told that it cooked up according to plan, but it wasn’t as nice as he expected it to be. However it “wasn’t too sad”, so all was not lost. Personally I think that fishing for your tea is a lot of fiddling around, but what do I know?

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