27 November 2011 (Sunday) - Rather Dull

I really would like to have done something with the day today, but it was so cold I didn’t fancy going out anywhere. So I wasted a few hours doing a writing test. One of the jobs I’ve applied for was as a medical writer, and one of the agencies sent me a test. I had to summarise a medical research paper, write a synopsis for a magazine, and produce a PowerPoint presentation about it. That took three hours.

Following yesterday’s weigh-in I then had a measure-up. My neck’s stayed the same, but my waist has got an inch smaller: that’s five inches thinner since September, and my hips have also lost an inch: also five inches thinner since September.

Yesterday I mentioned that “My Boy TMhad bought some beach fishing gear: today he put it to use, and came home at mid-day with a fish he’d caught. It was a rather small whiting, but he had plans to have the fish for his tea. Neither ‘er indoors TM nor I would prepare the fish for him, so he phoned my brother who gave him instructions. From what I could see, the main instruction was to put the fish into a bowl of water and leave the thing there. But after an hour or so he took the fish round to his girlfriend’s house. I’ve since been told that it got as far as the oven, but I’ve had no further news than that.

I had an email - dianpresley459 is following me on Twitter. dianpresley459 would seem to be a porn-monger. He, she or it can follow me as much as he, she or it fancies: I’m not going to reciprocate.

And I spend a couple of hours this evening applying for various jobs. Maybe some of the agencies might pick up on my C.V. and find something for me. Or maybe they won’t….

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