23 November 2011 (Wednesday) - PC, Post, Telly

A phone call – a possible job. A shame it would be in Burgess Hill. Travelling a round trip of forty miles a day is quite enough to be getting on with. I wouldn’t mind a repping job in which the travel is part of the job, but driving to work is something that costs me. And talking of new jobs, I’ve added a mention of Badger Original Landscapes onto my C.V. – website design, sales experience, it’s all good gravy.

My PC is playing up – the fan is noisy. I phoned PC World to see about a fix. PC World don’t do in-store fixes any more. They said they’d arrange to collect it and have it returned within ten days. I can’t say I like the sound of that. I’ll see if I can’t sort the fan; either myself or with the help of a willing volunteer (he smiled hopefully).

And then I went through my post. I have a new debit card which I should activate immediately. Amongst the descriptions of various ways to activate the thing, I was told that it would automatically activate the next time I used it anyway. So I can’t help but wonder what all the fuss was about.
And then I saw that I’ve been billed a fiver for “product support”. I was billed a fiver for this a few weeks ago, and the bank got me a refund. I’ve asked for another refund, and to be told what product it is that is getting supported.

We then sat down to watch some telly. Terra Nova was good, as was “the Spoke and Jim Show”. This week was the unforgettable Assistant Chief Engineer De Salle betting credits to navy beans. They don’t make telly like that any more.
And talking of not making telly like they used to, Doctor Who is forty eight years old today. And looking at the TV critic archives it’s amazing the show lasted past the first episode…

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