8 November 2011 (Tuesday) - Stuff

Next door’s dogs were staging a riot at 6.30am this morning. I’m not anti-dog in any way, but they are such noisy creatures. If only they could woof quietly. I then updated FireFox: I say “I updated FireFox” – to be honest it updated itself. So far I can’t see any difference.

I had a voice message on my mobile phone today. Nathan was wondering if I’d made any progress on the matter we’d been discussing last week. Having no idea who Nathan was, or the matter I’d discussed with him put me at something of a disadvantage.
I wonder if I should ring him back. Perhaps I won’t

Then I checked the news. As well as a load of dull stuff happening, fans of the film “Ice Age” might be interested to know that sabre-toothed squirrels did live alongside dinosaurs, just like “Scrat”. Whether or not they spent a lot of time pushing acorns around has yet to be determined though. Meanwhile in America a spokesman for the White House has denied any evidence for the existence of aliens. Such a denial will be taken (in some circles) as evidence that aliens are real.

And following on from yesterday’s whinge about the diet, it’s been suggested that I monitor my fibre intake. Apparently eating loads of fibre helps with the hunger. And fibre would seem to run against common sense in the same way that the calorie content of food does. For example (it would seem) there’s more fibre in tomato soup than there is in a jacket potato.
I wonder what I can have for brekkie that is especially fibrelicious whilst still being very cheap….

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