5 November 2011 (Saturday) - Fireworks

Today was the weekly weigh-in. I’ve lost four more pounds. And since I started this lark I’ve lost an inch from round my neck, four inches from my waist and three inches from my hips. And talking of weight loss, it would seem that there’s a furore building over the apparent fact that you can lose more weight through commercial schemes than through NHS weight loss clinics. I wonder if that’s because people who actually go to the expense of paying to lose weight are more dedicated to doing so.
For a long time I naively though that the secret to weight loss was obvious – the urge to lose weight had to be stronger than the urge to eat pies. But now I know it’s not that simple. The trick lies in counting calories. Somewhat obvious really; but for one who’s (up till now) had no real idea what a calorie is, it’s come as something of a revelation. For example this morning for brekkie I had two slices of jam on toast and a cup of coffee. The calories in that are equivalent to those used up in one hour’s gentle walking. So in the past I was kidding myself when I’ve walked to the town (ten minutes away), had a full English fry-up and thought all was fine because I’d walked to the café.
It’s come as something of a shock that for years I’ve led a very active lifestyle, but wiped out all the benefits by eating far too much.

I then had a look on eBay: about a year I set my eBay account up to let me know whenever a Pierson roller kite came up for sale. I don’t know quite what I did, but for the last year, ebay’s been emailing me telling me about all sorts of stuff that “matches my search”. Hair rollers, roller blinds, roller skates and steam rollers. Oh, and very occasionally I get told of a very expensive kite. So I deleted the search from my eBay. Let’s hope the emails now stop.

I looked out of the window: the day was rather wet and yukky. So rather than going out, we stayed in. I alternated between NeverWinter and Worms before giving up and going to sit downstairs whilst ‘er indoors TM played on the Nintendo dance mat. “Mr Bean’s Holiday” was on the telly – I don’t think I’d seen that before. It wasn’t bad – I’ve seen worse telly.
And then we went round to Steve and Sarah’s for fireworks. The weather wasn’t quite as bad as it had been, and a couple of dozen of us met up and had a great evening. The fireworks were good, Steve’s box was impressive, I was pleased with the huge rocket I’d got from “Hopeless”, and we had an interesting five minutes when one of the Chinese lanterns got stuck in a tree. It didn’t quite burst into flames, but we turned the hose pipe onto it just in case.
A smashing evening was had by all. Roll on next year’s fireworks….

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