3 November 2011 (Thursday) - More Stuff

Perhaps someone in America read my blog yesterday. The Chinese space agency would seem to have a race on its hands. But whilst the Chinese are sticking to traditional rocketry to get into outer space, the new American plan is a series of airships to get progressively closer to space, thereby obviating the need for rockets.
There's a trial airship which has (today) beaten the previous altitude record for such vehicles. I wonder how practical balloons will turn out to be...After all is said and done, it’s not an original idea – the Romanians were trying it a couple of years ago.

Some of my loyal readers tune into this drivel on their iPads. I wonder if this iPad will ever look in my direction – customised with gold and diamonds it has a frame of ammolite and even fragments of dinosaur bones. A snip at a mere five million quid.
For those of my loyal reader who aren’t quite so flush for cash, perhaps a pair of Queen Victoria’s undercrackers might be a more realistic purchase – only ten thousand pounds. What on Earth do you do with a pair of undercrackers that are over a century old?

And as I type this, next door are shrieking at their dogs. Their dogs clearly have no intentions of doing as they are told. I can’t pretend to be a dog fan: neither am I particularly anti-dog. But it strikes me that a rather vital part of having a dog is the ability to instil some control.
Perhaps that’s where I go wrong when I take Fudge for walkies…

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