20 November 2011 (Sunday) - Brewing, Painting

I was hoping for a lie-in this morning: I woke about 7am and lay awake for an hour or so before giving up and getting up.
‘er indoors TM  was off on a mission, so whilst she was out I started off the beer kit I bought yesterday. In theory it should be ready for Xmas. There was a minor mishap whilst making the beer: - I managed to lacerate my right thumb on one of the tins, and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I bodged it up with kitchen roll and carried on, but it was all a bit awkward. And with beer made and in the fermentation bucket I had a go in the garden. I got the leaves raked up, but doing it all one-handed was a tad tricky. I didn’t even attempt to mow the lawn with only one non-bleeding hand.

For some reason my hand just kept bleeding despite being bandaged up. So I had a rather quiet afternoon. I played worms for a bit, and seeing no blood I went back into the garden, only to set the bleeding off again. So I got the washing in off of the line (which hadn’t dried) and I got my paints out. I did a couple of paintings the other week and was quite pleased with one of them: not quite so chuffed with the other. Today’s painting’s not turned out too bad really. It’s a shame that photography never seems to do the paintings justice. I wonder how I might get round that problem?
I enjoy painting: I wonder if I might sell them? The canvases aren’t too expensive, and the painting takes about an hour to do. I wonder how much I could realistically charge for one?
If any of my loyal readers would like to give someone a unique and individual Xmas gift and is stuck for an idea, why not commission an individual oil painting. Mind you, you’ll have to commission a landscape. Landscapes is all I can do…
If any of my loyal readers are up for it, why not drop a line to “Badger Original Landscapes”. And for those of my loyal readers whose houses are already graced by a “Badger Original Landscape”, please feel free to write a testimonial…

I then had a bit of a backup. I copied two months’ worth of photos to my stand-alone hard drive. Two months’ photos are over 1Gb worth. That’s a sign of the times. 

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