9 May 2020 (Saturday) - Another Afternoon in the Sun

I think I might have overdone the sitting in the sunshine yesterday; I slept for over ten hours last night, only waking when my back hurt too much too lay down any longer.
I came downstairs to see everyone else had been up for ages. Fudge seemed better than he has been. He didn’t scream in pain at all yesterday (which was a definite step in the right direction) but his belly was tense, and he flinched when I stroked him this morning. And as the day went on so he visibly got worse, and was crying in pain again by the early evening.
If only he would stop sprinting down the garden to chase sparrows away from the pond. He can achieve the same result with a sedate stroll, but there’s no telling him that.

I peered into the Internet over brekkie. Having put up my tenth choice of film yesterday it seemed odd not to have to post one this morning. I saw I’d got an invite to a Zoom quiz; I’d been hoping there would be one this weekend.
I also saw I had a friend request from “Anna Cantoro” on LinkedIn. I have no idea who she is, but much as LinkedIn is rather dull, the random young ladies who want to be my friend over there actually have clothes on. On reflection I won't add her as a friend... she might take them off.
I then tried to deploy a virtual Munzee for friends in Faversham. That took some doing; there’s thousands of the things over that way. Finding a space on the map took some time.

With a little time to spare I spent a little while hunting on-line for a Lego Fudge model for my Lego town. Hopefully the base plates I’ve ordered for it should be arriving soon, and then I can get going on the town in earnest. Mind you I can’t help but wonder just how long I should have to wait for these plates. I realise they are coming from China, but having ordered them two months ago they should be here by now? I’ve heard all these horror stories about how post offices are swamped, but stuff I’ve ordered recently has arrived within days. I do hope the plates haven’t been sent by Yodel or Hermes; if that is the case I shall give up on them, write off the money spent and order new ones.

At mid-day the nice man from the fencing company popped round to have a suitably socially distanced look at our back fence. Over the years I’ve bodged it and bodged it, but it needs fixing properly. I suspect that the cost of a proper fix will mean that I shall just continue to bodge it, but we shall see.
Once the nice man had gone I cracked open a bottle of beer and got out my Kindle, and having learned nothing from yesterday I spent another afternoon in the sunshine.

This evening we had a rather good Zoom quiz in which I did reasonably well… but it was good to catch up with friends.
I’m feeling rather tired now…

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