14 May 2020 (Thursday) - Early Shift

Just as I was about to scoff brekkie I saw that the new series of Schitts Creek was available on Netflix. It was rather good. Better than what I’d watched yesterday.
I then sparked up my lap-top and waited an age whilst the thing did its updates. Eventually I was able to get on-line. I had been expecting a load of abuse about having reactivated over fifty geocaches yesterday, but no one had commented (for which I was grateful). If people want to go hunting them, unless I completely scrap the things I can’t stop them, and there’s no point trying to stop anything which I can’t actually stop so I might as well allow it. Mind you I have noticed that those who were the most vocal about staying at home and not leaving the house at the start of lock-down are now those who are quite publicly out and about.

I had an email from the Environment Agency – fishing is now allowed again. Having stopped it was frankly ridiculous; if there was anywhere that you could isolate yourself it was when fishing. Though reading what some of the local fisheries managers are posting they are going to make it as difficult as possible for people to actually go fishing. I realise that not everyone understands the intricacies of how a virus works and moves and lives and does its thing. I realise that not everyone has studied human physiology and medicine to a post-graduate level. But it would seem that (having been told to stay alert) most people are treating the virus as though it were a tiger.

I set off to work on a rather bright (if cold) morning. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about how parliament is trying to function with most MPs logging in remotely. You would think that what with MPs having responsibilities both in their constituencies and in London, video conferencing would be something they had been doing for years, wouldn't you?
Apparently some of them are OK with the technology, but quite a few simply can't work the video calling. And so are so thick that they have actually clicked the wrong button(s) when casting their votes on-line (and then bleated about how hard it is to the Speaker of the House afterwards).
This winds me up.
This is the twenty-first century. I can do Zoom conferencing. Six-year-olds can do Zoom conferencing. The inability to use I.T. is akin to being unable to read and write. And these are the leaders of our country.
There was also talk of the oncoming recession. It would seem that our country is on course for the worst economic recession in history. It has been suggested that all public sector workers get a pay freeze (or even a pay cut). That's a good idea... when I need to pay any bills I shall just drag a few neighbours down to the bank and they can clap into my account.

Despite the roads getting progressively more and more busy I made good time to work. Pausing only briefly to deploy a Munzee I was soon in and doing my thing.
An early start made for an early finish. I came home, and spent a little while working on my Kent geocaching archive. I got a first draft together. Very much a work in progress and it has still got a lot of work needing doing, but it’s a start.
I then tuned in to the virtual geo-meet that took place this evening. After all the aggro of the last few days it was good to catch up with friends. And then after a spot of dinner we video-whatsapped with Karl and Tracey.
I don’t think I’ve ever done quite so much keeping in touch since this lock-down kicked off…

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