3 May 2020 (Sunday) - Poorly Dog

After a restless night I got up rather early. Fudge snored on the sofa as I scoffed Tesco granola and watched an episode of “After Life” then sparked up my lap-top.
I told the world about my fifth choice of movie (Dammit Janet!) and sent a birthday video to a nephew. If asked I would have said he was sixteen or seventeen… He’s twenty-nine today. Twenty-nine (!) Where do the years go?
With nothing seeming to have happened overnight I spent a little while working on my Coursera course “Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life”. This morning I was presented with seven questions:
  •     What matters most?
  •     Who relies on you?
  •     Who inspires you?
  •     What causes do you care about?
  •     What are you grateful for?
  •     What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  •     How do you want to be remembered?
 I set off to work, and as I drove and as I did my bit at work I found myself thinking about those seven questions my Coursera professor had asked this morning. What is my purpose? What do I want from life? All rather "big" questions, aren’t they?.
What matters most? – I really don’t know.
Who relies on me – the dogs maybe?
Who inspires you – local community leaders mainly. The chap who ran our Boys Brigade when I was a lad for one.
What causes do I care about? I don’t really know – it changes quite often.
What am I grateful for? I have a lot to be grateful for… but I’m not when I should be.
What gets me out of bed? – The backache if I stay in there too long.
How do I want to be remembered? – I really don’t know.

I *think* the idea of the course is that if I know what I want out of life I’ll end up a whole lot happier. Personally I just want everyone around me to be happy, because generally when everyone else is happy, then so am I.
Mind you I can't pretend to have been very happy today. I kept thinking about Fudge. When I came downstairs this morning he'd been fast asleep on the sofa. He must have moved awkwardly in his sleep as he suddenly sat bolt upright squealing in pain. Within seconds Pogo had flown down the stairs and was licking him in an obvious display of concern.
"er indoors TM" took him to the vets this morning. After having been given a once-over the vet couldn't find anything obviously amiss. He did have a minor set-to with another dog yesterday. I can't help but think he jolted his back somehow, and that is playing him up again. He's been prescribed tramadol and rest; he's not keen on either.

I also spent a little time peering out of the window at work today. I do that a lot when working at the weekends; often sulking about what I might be missing. But with the world in lock-down I was missing nothing today. I had been peering out of the window watching a pair of goldfinches bathing in a puddle on the flat roof outside. They were having a whale of a time right up until the point at which I tried to take a photo. That scared them off a few times before I finally got a (blurred) photo.

With work done as I walked back to my car I had a look at one of the Munzees I'd stuck on a road sign there a month or so ago. It had faded to the point of being unreadable, so I replaced it with a new one. Having put out over fifty Munzees near work I suspect they have all now faded. I shall replace the lot eventually when I can.

Once I got home "er indoors TM" took the terrible twins out, and I sat with Fudge. He was very upset that he wasn’t going for a walk, and he was hurting himself more by getting stressed. I eventually settled him.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner. With that scoffed we had another Zoom video-meet-up. It was good to catch up. But there’s no denying that an early night might be in order…
Fudge is sulking... the pain killers seem to have helped but he’s not happy. And consequently neither am I…

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