6 May 2020 (Wednesday) - Five Thousand

As I peered into Facebook this morning, it suggested I might like a particular page. “Love Zone” alternated between posts which advocated either crackpot religion or child pornography with a little animal cruelty thrown in. For all that I find Facebook very useful, the thing does leave a lot to be desired.
I sent out a few birthday wishes, and with no emails at all I did the morning dog walk in two stages.

Firstly I walked Fudge round to Brian and Rachel’s where we delivered a birthday card. Fudge pulled like a train the whole way. I wish he wouldn’t. This is why he has a bad back; he hurts it, and as soon as it starts getting better he overdoes the pulling and hurts it again.
With Fudge walked I took Pogo and Treacle round the park. It is amazing how fast we can go round the park when we are not waiting for Fudge who straggles up to a hundred yards behind us. We met a couple of “never-before-walked” dogs. The owner of one had the dog on an extending lead and was using a ball-thrower to lob a tennis ball into the distance. Needless to say their game wasn’t working.
We also saw another dog which was about the size of a cart-horse which was dragging two teenaged children about. They were trying to restrain the dog by pulling on his collar; they were nowhere near strong enough to do so.

As we walked home I actually did point and laugh at a couple who drove past in their car. The windows were all up, but both occupants were wearing these surgical masks.
This craze for wearing surgical masks is just stupid. Surgical masks are worn to prevent the wearer spreading infection onto anyone else. That’s why the staff of operating theatres wear them and the patients don’t. The only time I’ve ever worn one was when I was in an operating theatre (assisting with a bone marrow extraction). Going round wearing the things achieves nothing for protecting yourself. Have you noticed that the things are being billed on eBay as “fashion accessories”?

We came home; I again harvested a bumper crop of dog dung from the lawn, then spent an hour scrubbing out the pond’s fish poo filter. It’s a messy smelly job, but one I would rather do at a time that suits me, rather than waiting until the thing is blocked solid and leaking with the backflow and needs doing right away.

I set off to work. With a rather lame play being broadcast on the radio I turned over to my frankly strange choice of music, and howled along all the way to Pembury.
Just as I got to work so my phone beeped. I had a friend request on Facebook from a young lady. Her blouse was unbuttoned and was revealing a rather saucy bra. She'd sent me a message in which she'd said that she wanted "it" badly. Judging by her attire in the photos on her Facebook profile I can only assume that "it" would be "clothing" as she didn't seem to be wearing very much in any of them.
She had also sent me a link to her "Whatsapp f... site" through which I could contact all sorts of young ladies of dubious morals. I decided not to follow her link.

I went straight to the works canteen where I had a rather good bowl of tempura vegetables with chili sauce which I chased down with far too much rhubarb crumble and custard. Belly-aches which last all afternoon don't make themselves, you know. 
As well as a belly ache I also had a general muscular ache for much of the afternoon too. When full of fish poo, that filter can be rather heavy. I think I might have overdone it this morning.

Feeling somewhat under the weather I did as little as I could get away with today until the relief arrived. The late start does give me time to do stuff at home, but the late finish can be something of a "pain in the glass" (as "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" would say). Especially when the A21 is closed and going cross-country through the winding lanes in the dark is the only option.

And in closing, today is my five thousandth blog entry. The first thousand entries were recorded on Yahoo who haven’t hosted blogs for years. I’ve got an archive of my ramblings here.
I first started recording history in September 2006 when seemingly everyone was writing blogs. The novelty soon wore off for everyone else, but I’ve kept it going. Kite festivals, beer festival, holiday with friends, holidays with families, walks, dogs, grandchildren… it’s amazing what has happened over the last fourteen years. And it is even more amazing that so many people tune in every day to see what has boiled my piss this time.
I just wish more people would blog; I’m a very nosey person. I’d love to see what everyone else gets up to..

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