5 May 2020 (Tuesday) - Before the Late Shift

After a rather good night’s sleep I came downstairs to see Fudge laying on the floor. I fussed him a little, but that disturbed him so I left him dozing.
I put some honey on to some toast (which was rather good) and scoffed it whilst peering into the Internet. I was rather disappointed to see that very little had happened in cyberspace overnight, but bearing in mind that little other than arguments ever seems to happen, that was probably for the best. I told the world about my seventh choice of film, and sent out some birthday wishes. Two of the people having birthdays today asked if I would like to support their charities. I would have done *if* either had nominated a charity to support. I’m sorry but subsidising a government-funded hospital isn’t a charitable act. (I’ve done that rant to death many times before).
I had a little look at my emails. Someone claiming to be called “Sophie” had commented on something I wrote elsewhere last November in which she showed a complete misunderstanding of the nature of human disease and made a rather pitiful attempt to peddle her crackpot herbal medicine. Now let’s be honest, if “herbal medicine” actually worked it wouldn’t be called “herbal medicine”, it would be called “medicine”.
I marked her comment as spam. Google can sort her out.

Fudge was anxious to go out, so "er indoors TM" distracted the Terrible Twins and I walked Fudge up to Dan-Dan’s and back again. With his back playing up, I thought a five-minute outing was plenty. I then took Pogo and Treacle round the park where the walk went relatively well. There was a minor incident when Pogo sniffed the bum of one of the “never-walked-before dogs”. Bearing in mind that (like all of the “never-walked-before dogs”) this dog was on a lead I felt that we’d got away lightly. But the old bat at the other end of the lead turned to her mate and started clucking about how some people just let their dogs off the lead. I suppose she’s got a point. Some people *do* let their dogs off the leads. That would be me.

With walk walked we came home. I opened the back door and Fudge led the charge up the garden. The dogs have this thing where they all run up the garden (all shouting) with Fudge in the lead. If Fudge doesn’t lead, the other two aren’t interested in going out.
For a dog with serious back issues he ran down the garden rather speedily and noisily.
I trimmed the lawn’s edges and got the lawn mowed. It was a shame that the strimmer collapsed half-way through. I say “collapsed”; “snapped in two” is perhaps a more accurate description. I think I’ve bodged it back together again. Let’s hope so; what with the queues at B&Q it would be quicker to get a new one delivered from Amazon than to go round the corner to the shop.

I had a quick shower, and did a little CPD. As I perused the intricacies of the Cw blood type (!) I had an email from Neighbourhood Watch. So far (it has to be said) Neighbourhood Watch has been something of a disappointment, but today there were reports of a theft of a motorbike from near a friend’s house. It turned out that this friend’s doorbell had seen something suspicious in the small hours and had actually video-ed the theft as it happened (a doorbell – can you believe it!). The footage has now been squealed to the pigs.
Perhaps that hundred quid spent on a doorbell wasn’t the waste of money I’d said it was?

And so to work, and by half past eleven the day was effectively done…

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