2 May 2020 (Saturday) - After the Night Shift

Apart from a rather unusual D-group in the small hours (it’s a blood banking thing) the night shift passed off rather peacefully. I commented about the obscure blood group on Facebook, and all sorts of people commented (which was fun).
As I drove home I kept looking at the “range” thingy on my car’s dashboard. Having got a full tank of petrol before work yesterday, my car’s estimated range (until more petrol was needed) was about fifty miles higher than usual on a full tank. Travelling cross-country to Pembury has been far more fuel-efficient than going up the motorway to Maidstone.
As I drove home I listened to the pundits on the radio who were drivelling on about coronageddon. Despite a daily death rate still over seven hundred (and anyone with any sense realising the need to continue lock-down for quite a while yet) the politicians were all talking about easing restrictions. You might think that this a rather stupid thing to do, but the politicians realise that although lock-down is very necessary, it is very unpopular, and the one who makes the most noise about ending it will be the one who gets the most votes at the next election.

I got home, had a shower and went straight to bed where I managed to sleep for just under three hours. I came down to find "er indoors TM" (still in pyjamas) had stripped the kitchen and was having a major spring clean.
I made myself some toast, and scoffed it whilst telling the world about my fourth choice of film (for the ten films Facebook thingy) and then sent out some birthday wishes. I then wasted some time doing some of my latest Coursera course. “Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life” seems a bit “tree-hugging” but it might be interesting. If nothing else I got a free app out of it.

With the spring cleaning still in full flow I took myself out into the garden where I sat for a couple of hours reading Alexie Sayle on the Kindle whilst having a pint or two. Once "er indoors TM" was ready we took the pups round the park for a walk. We’d had reports that our Munzees had faded (it comes to us all!) so we did a little Munzee maintenance as we walked. There were a couple of “dog episodes”, but as another regular dog walker said to me, the problem really does lie with those who don’t walk their dogs from one month to the next and don’t know how dogs brains work. It spoke volumes that one half-wit we met in the co-op field didn’t know how to undo his dog’s lead.

We came home; I did more Coursera whilst "er indoors TM" tried to find her locking nuts. I expect they are in the car somewhere. Failing that, there’s always eBay.
"er indoors TM" boiled up a very good bit of dinner. We devoured it then tuned in (via Zoom) to what is becoming a regular feature of lock-down – the weekly on-line quiz. Some easy questions, some not so easy. I rather amazed myself by coming second. These quizzes are really good fun, and a good way to catch up with friends.
It was a shame that I was rather distracted this evening. Fudge seems to have hurt his front right leg. I’ve given it a good going over and can’t find any source of pain. I think he’s strained something. I shall keep an eye on him…
Did I even mention that I never wanted a dog? This worry is *exactly* why…

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