4 May 2020 (Monday) - Still Poorly Dog

The vet had given strict instructions that Fudge was to sleep on a bed which would give him support. Having been settled into his basket last might I came down to find him laying on the floor. I spent a little while trying to help him get comfortable before insisting that he went back to his basket. He would seem to prefer not being in there, but when in his basket he wasn’t quivering in pain. Eventually he nodded off.
I watched an episode of “After Life”; I say “watched”. It was on the telly but I was watching Fudge mostly.

With telly done and Fudge asleep I had a look at the Internet. Geocaching HQ were giving out an e-souvenir for anyone who’d found a geocache yesterday. Many of those who only a few short weeks ago were advocating staying indoors and had lambasted me for taking the dogs out had gone out hunting under rocks for film pots.
I told the world about my sixth film choice, I sent out a birthday message, and then spent fifteen minutes on my Cousera course. What motivates people? Wanting to help others or self-interest?

As I left home I paused briefly to log a couple of virtual Munzees. Overnight some had appeared outside the house as if by magic (thank you my Munzee clan pals!) and a touch of the phone gave me some vital points (vital if you like that sort of thing!)

I set off towards Pembury. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about a possible easing of lock-down.  I can't help but feel that the government has got to do something decisive. The roads are getting noticeably busier and with talk of easing of restrictions and talk of schools and workplaces going back and with talk of only the olduns being left in quarantine, lock-down seems to be little more than a social craze which has run its course. The public have lost interest in it and are clearly now moving on to whatever is the next big thing. The government needs to enforce the lock-down properly, or the pandemic will have a second peak which will make what's gone before seem like peanuts.
There was also an interview with some farmer or other who was banging on about how lock-down has done for his business. His business being the only UK-based supplier of nitrate-free bacon. "Nitrate-free bacon" indeed... it never fails to amaze me how the public go for these crackpot schemes. You really could put bottles of water on a supermarket shelf, tout them as "dairy-free milk" and sell them at a fiver each.

Despite nearly being run off the road several times by various maniac drivers (there were a lot of them about today) I got to Pembury and popped into Tesco.  Having bought no end of jam, marmalade and peanut butter recently, I'd not got any honey. So I got a couple of jars, and some more beer and wine too. I did have a plan to support the little shop in Goudhurst for beer as they have some stuff that you don't get everywhere. Tesco also had some obscure ale at two quid a bottle cheaper than the little shop. There is only so much supporting the little shop you can do.
As I wandered round Tesco I met some old chap who was inadvertently and obliviously walking against the direction proscribed by the arrows on the floor. Several normal people were glaring at him and tutting.
They boiled my piss.
I went up to the old chap (as close as social distancing would allow), smiled, and told him about the arrows and told him that you can only walk in only one direction round the store because (at this point I raised my voice) if you don't then you upset the idiots wearing ripped gloves and ill-fitting masks. I'm glad to say this shamed several of the idiots (with masks under their chins and gloves riddled with holes), and they shuffled away looking suitably embarrassed.

Work was work; today we had more free Easter eggs and free coffee, and also some rather odd-tasting supposedly melon-flavoured water. At the risk of appearing ungrateful I would have preferred cake. I would also have preferred a pay rise, but I've done that rant before. The public's love affair with the NHS won't last long enough for a pay rise, so I shall settle for whatever freebies I can get. And I shall be grateful because a *lot* of people who deserve recognition aren't getting anything.

Once I got home "er indoors TM" took Treacle and pogo for a walk. The idea was that I would sit with Fudge, but he was very fractious and not at all happy that he’d been left behind. I took him for a short walk; up the road to Dan-Dan’s (niece-in-law is the closest I can describe her relation to me) and back. It was a round trip of about two hundred yards which he seemed to manage well, but once home there were some whimpers and yelps. The trouble is…
I’ve seen this before with Fudge. He soon learns that I’m a soft touch and immediately respond when he cries. But he’ll have a great walk, pulling on the lead clearly in no pain when we are out and once home be whinging all the time.
Is he crying because he overdid it on the walk, or is he seeking attention?

"er indoors TM" boiled up a very good bit of dinner which we scoffed whilst watching a TV show in which Paul Hollywood went around various restaurants in Tokyo. It was far better than you might think…
Fudge has been asleep for over an hour…

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