15 May 2020 (Friday) - A Smaragd Race

I woke feeling like death warmed up with the mother of all hangovers. Odd really as all I’d had to drink yesterday evening was a couple of glasses of Doctor Pepper.
Completely failing to find where the jar of honey had gone, I spread peanut butter on my toast and had a look at the Internet. It was much the same as how I’d left it last night. I rolled my eyes at a Facebook friend’s video of last night’s Thursday clapping which was showing just how much fun and excitement the clappers were having. With video footage clearly showing one entire family in another family’s house, social distancing was clearly out the window. Do these people *really* support the key workers when having their little session, or is it (as my nephew so succinctly said) “… starting to turn into a mini carnival”. I wonder just how many of the revellers (they weren’t just clapping – the video really did show a full-on street party) will write a letter to the Prime Minister protesting against the public sector pay freezes that are coming?
I mentioned my plans for a geo-archive on the new-look Kent Geocaching Facebook pages in the hopes of getting some more contributions, got dressed, and took the hounds round the park.

We had a rather good walk in which (amazingly) Pogo was held up as a shining example. As we came through Bowens Field there were two small children impotently shouting at their dog who was going berserk in a hedge. Pogo went up to see what was happening so I called him away. He stopped, turned and came back to me. The smallest child then shouted at the eldest “Why can’t we have a dog like that?

We came home; had a cuppa and a croissant, then I cracked on in the garden getting four and a half fence panels painted. Somehow Fudge got covered in white paint; a clever trick as I was putting brown stuff on the fence.
With fence painted I drove "er indoors TM" round to the garage to collet her car. When I came home there was an odd family outside the house. One was sitting in a car, the rest were socially distanced around, and all were having a picnic on the pavement.
What was that all about?

I could have done some landscaping in the garden, but until I get a date for the fence replacement (*if* it isn’t too expensive) I can’t really do that much more. And I ached from the painting. So I went up into the attic and sorted Lego. Not so much “played with” as sorted. Over the last year or so I’ve had quite a few deliveries and not thrown out the envelopes and stuff, so I had a little chucking-out before working on a little park area in which several people dressed as Santa were having a fun-run. One of the Santas was being sick, and there was an axe-murderer in the crowd.
As I Lego-ed I listed to the latest album from Sparks which I’d downloaded. I won’t say it was crap, but I will say that I’ve not been so disappointed since I listened to their last album. Having said that, as I write it is in sixth position in Amazon’s top selling albums so (again) I would seem to be in the minority.

I popped over the road to the shop to get some milk. I spent twenty quid on beer too; they do have a rather good selection. And once home both "er indoors TM" and I bought a smaragd from the Munzee store. We’ve having a smaragd race. As you do…
(As I write this, Microsoft Word is quite happy with the word “smaragd” but wants to change the spelling of “Munzee”)

After a rather good bit of dinner we tuned in to a live performance by Hazel O’Connor. She got going some ten years or so after Sparks… Like Sparks I was dead keen on her music forty years ago…
I suspect that if the software wasn’t continually buffering I might have enjoyed it more, but how often is it that you can be seriously disappointed by two of your musical heroes in the same day?

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