11 May 2020 (Monday) - A Day's Leave

I slept well; Pogo eventually woke me at six o’clock. He wanted a tiddle. To be fair, so did I. We both did our thing and went back to bed. He was soon snoring; I wasn’t. I gave up trying to sleep and watched the last episode of “After Life” which was rather sad and not at all funny, then I sparked up my lap-top to have a look at the internet.

A rather epically breasted young lady (and her chest) had sent me a friend request on Facebook together with a link to her video. Against my better judgement I had a look at it – it was a tad on the risqué side… To be fair to her she did say that it was “indeed not suitable for some Facebook users”. It wasn’t really suitable for anyone or anything. I reported her to the Facebook feds.
It was at this point that "er indoors TM" emerged from her pit and announced that Treacle had been sick. I cleared up a pool of semi-digested swede. Yuk. And as the dogs went in to the garden so Treacle brought up quite a bit more.
I also saw that the fence on not-so-nice-next-door’s side had blown down in the wind. I bodged it back up whilst not-so-nice-next-door glared from an upstairs window. I called up that the fence was broken; she looked away. I wonder if she will do anything about it? It is rather difficult having a neighbour who flatly refuses to speak to us.

I took Fudge for a short walk round the block, then took Treacle and Pogo for a longer one round the park. As we walked I saw a young couple walking their dog toward us on a lead. I quickly got my two onto a lead and had them sit so they could watch the dog go past. (This is actually working with increasing success…if the other dog just goes past). But the bloke brought his dog up to Pogo so they could say hello…
Schoolboy error…
As I calmed Pogo I commented to the other chap that he obviously doesn’t walk his dog much. The implied sarcasm went right over his head. “No” he said. “Only since lock-down came in really”.

I had planned to paint the fence today on a day off, but the wind was rather blowy and it was rather cold. So I wrote up a little CPD for an hour or so until a row kicked off on the “Geocaching in Kent” Facebook page. The chap who started the group and promptly disappeared crawled out of the woodwork and started throwing his weight around. Amazingly those I felt would have made a stand took the side of the chap of whom no one had ever heard. I got the hump and left the group in a fit of pique. Within two hours I was invited to join a replacement group which had been set up by an exodus of like-minded people who weren’t going to be dictated to by this idiot.

I drove "er indoors TM" round to the garage, then I went up to the attic room where I re-arranged my Lego layout. There’s a video of what I did here.
I did as much as I could, but I really do need those new base plates (that I ordered two months ago) to arrive soon. I’m not really sure what I can do about them – they should have arrived a month ago, but the seller keeps moving the expected delivery date, and until that date passes, eBay don’t want to know.

"er indoors TM" boiled up a very good bit of scran which we devoured whilst watching a Cameron Diaz film. “Bad Teacher” was rather good – I wonder why I’d not seen it before…

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