6 April 2019 (Saturday) - Rather Busy

Yesterday I had a pain in my left hip. I had hoped it might go overnight. It didn’t. It was still there when I got up. But (as ever) I had two choices. I could sit and whinge, or I could get on with it. I got on with it.
I had a look at Facebook. It was much the same as it ever was. For every one person with something to share, there were half a dozen people trying to sell things. I wish more people would share stuff. I’m nosey like that. However I did see that Berck kite festival was starting this weekend. We’ve missed it again. Back in the day Berck kite festival was one of the big events of the year. Mind you back in the day kites were one of the big things in my life. I really should get them out again.

I had an email from Amazon suggesting I bought that which I’d already bought from them. And I had an email telling me that people were putting “favourite points” on to some of the geocaches I’ve hidden. That was kind of them.

We got ourselves organised, and set off out. "er indoors TM" took her car to the garage. I followed with the dogs, and with the "er indoors TM"-mobile safely “up on blocks” I drove us out to Whitstable where we soon met up with Karl and Charlotte. Despite an early rain shower we had rather a good little wander over Duncan Downs. We didn’t go far – just a shade under four miles. But it was ideal for me as my hip wasn’t what it might have been.
As we walked we met other dogs, and apart from being a bit shouty we didn’t fight with anyone at all.
We were back at the cars after a couple of hours. It was as well that we ended the day as early as we did; as we drove home so the rain started. It was odd; we came to Whitstable for a walk two months ago when we’d had fish and chips in the pub’s beer garden. Today it was coats and jumpers.

I took a few photos as we walked; Once home I told the Internet about them. We then collected the "er indoors TM"-mobile and then went round the road to meet some people I haven’t seen for a while. Too much food… (arguably) too much drink… hic !

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