15 April 2019 (Monday) - A Day Off

I woke at ten to two. I had half a mind to get up and watch the first episode of the new season of “Game of Thrones” as it was being broadcast. I did that with some of the last season of the show purely to avoid the spoilers. Mind you when I did that, the next morning I deliberately gave some spoilers to a colleague with whom I worked at the time. He would not stop giving spoilers himself until he got some given to him.
But I decided that I wouldn’t watch it just then. Watching it live means you’ve got to sit through all the adverts. I went back to sleep.

I eventually woke just before seven o’clock, and set the washing machine going. Over toast I wrote history for yesterday. I rated some pubs on Google. One good, one not so. I then had a look at Facebook. The photos I’d put up over the weekend had received quite a few comments. I also had a load of emails. People had been visiting the geocaches I’ve recently put out in Kings Wood and in Godinton. I had three hundred and fifty “Found It” logs for my attention. I must admit I didn’t read them all. I also had one email finding fault with the Wherigo I’d put in Kings Wood; I’d made a teensy error which I soon corrected.

Usually I would take the dogs out right after brekkie. But all three were absolutely knackered. Not one of them wanted their own brekkie…  but then they showed some interest…. In the end only Pogo ate his, but I thought I might take them out anyway.
We went round the park and had a good walk. I did find a loony on the way; a passing cyclist warned me that he’d seen that me and my two black dogs were being followed by a smaller brown and black dog who was trailing some distance behind. He thought that I should know we were being followed. I smiled sweetly.

We came home; I hung out the washing, fed the pond fish, put in more washing and went out on a little mission. First of all to the tip where I got rid of six pairs of shoes. Each pair was knackered in various ways, but I had still kept hold of them.
I then drove into town and went to the phone shop. My phone contract was up for renewal. Rather than getting a new phone I downgraded to a sim-only contract. That has saved me thirty quid each month.

I came home, and over a sandwich watched last night’s episode of “Game of Thrones”. I was glad I didn’t get up at two o’clock to watch it; it was rather dull. Fast-forwarding through the adverts shaved half an hour off of the viewing time, but nothing of note really happened. Nudey-Dragon-Girl kept her clothes on, which was a shame. To be honest I struggled to stay awake.
I’m wondering if this is one of those shows which started well, but the writers have no idea of what to do next. It’s a common problem with telly shows.

I then went into the garden and got the lawn mower out. Mowing the lawn took some doing; it hadn’t been done for some time and the lawn mower struggled. I had a go at the edges of the lawn with the strimmer, but the strimmer has totally had it.
I thought I might get a new one.
And seeing how the wooden plank that the fish pond filter sits on was rotting through I thought I might replace that with a concrete slab too.
I went to B&Q and put so much effort into lugging a heavy slab about (it was HEAVY!!) I forgot all about the strimmer. I’ll go back for that tomorrow. I brought the slab home and wrestled it into place. In doing so I rather strained my back. So I put “Trailer Park Boys” on the telly and fell asleep for an hour or so.

"er indoors TM" came home, boiled up a rather good dinner, then went off bowling. I watched last night’ episode of “Victoria”. Unlike “Game of Thrones” that makes for good telly, as the writers know where they are going with the plot…

I shall do a few geo-puzzles, then I think an early night wouldn’t hurt. The dogs certainly haven’t slept so much since we came back from the New Forest…

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