20 April 2019 (Saturday) - Easter Saturday

The night didn’t start as well as it might; Treacle and Pogo have issues with each other once it is dark. The first one on to the bed sees it as their territory and is *very* resentful of the other. There was something of a full-blown scrap at half-past one.
Fudge stays well out of it in his own basket.

Despite the nocturnal fracas I slept through till half past eight. Having set the washing machine doing its thing I scoffed toast whilst looking at the Internet. A squabble was raging on one of the geocaching pages; a squabble I’d started. I’ve been using a new app for hunting Tupperware but every time I find a film pot under a rock it transmits the news to Geo-HQ. I’d rather it didn’t. The “why I want to do that” is irrelevant. If someone knew how to stop the app broadcasting, then I’d hoped they might tell me. if someone didn’t know, then they had nothing to contribute and should have kept quiet. But loads of people were lining up to ask what kind of half-wit would want to hunt Tupperware like this, and I had to delete one whole thread of personal abuse.
Why are people so quick to look for an argument? I see this all the time on Facebook. It’s got to the point that when I want to ask a question in the future I shall prefix it with “if you don’t know the answer, please don’t keep your trap shut”.

I had a look at my emails – we’d had a good day hunting Tupperware yesterday. So had others. I had received one hundred and sixty-five emails telling me that people had found the geocaches I’ve recently hidden. I logged eighty-six caches of other people yesterday and had one hundred and sixty-five of my own logged. That’s about right…

We eventually got ourselves organised and took the dogs for a little walk along the military canal. As we walked we went past the southernmost bits of port Lympne wildlife park. We had been hoping to see giraffes and elephants. Instead we saw some things which looked like cows with horns, and an ostrich. However to liven up proceedings, Pogo fell in the canal. Twice.
As is usually the case our walk was guided by geocaches. The first one suggested the car park from where we started, and we walked a mile along the canal to find a signpost. We used the numbers on the signpost to do some sums, and came up with the film pot we sought being another half a mile along the canal. There are those who feel it was a lot of walking just for one geocache, but it made for a good dog walk. As we walked back to the car we took a little diversion to find a second one. Named “Giraffe House” I was hoping we’d see giraffes. I just saw stinging nettles.

With walk walked we came home via the co-op in Sellindge where we stocked up on hot cross buns. Once home I fetched in one load of washing, pegged out another, and started on the hot cross buns for a late lunch
I did have a plan to do some gardening, but it was a tad hot. So instead I played Lego for a while. One of the houses in my little town wasn’t quite to scale with the other houses, so I enlarged it a little, and added my trackable Lego brick to it. I wonder how many “discovered” logs it will get from the photo I put on to the Internet? Probably far more than the trackable tags in my car and on my rucksack.

Jose called round and drove us up to the Wetherspoons where a load of us met up. I sank three pints, then we went to the Imperial China for a rather good dinner. It was good to catch up with old friends. I took a few photos too

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