13 April 2019 (Saturday) - Cambridgeshire Day Two

I slept like a log until half past four when a crowing rooster woke me. Mind you, to be fair to the bird perhaps I should be more precise. It wasn’t the rooster which woke me; it was Treacle and Pogo’s declaration of “Red Alert” which did.
I didn’t really get much more sleep after that. As soon as I nodded off so the rooster would have another go, and so would Treacle and Pogo.
It transpired that Treacle and Pogo’s warnings disturbed Fudge; he had been having a sleepover with Charlotte, and whenever the terrible twosome kicked off, he did too.
Eventually we gave up trying to sleep, and took the dogs for their morning unloads. As we walked across the field we couldn’t help but notice the frost on the grass. Frost – what was that all about?

We’d arranged to meet for brekkie at eight o’clock. Regular readers of this drivel would realise that I am something of an aficionado of the full English breakfast. The full English I had today was certainly one of the better ones.

Suitably fed to face the rigours of the day we drove out to Alconbury. We had the sat-nav running even though we were following everyone else. It did seem odd to me that we hardly ever went the way that the sat-nav was directing until we got to where we were parking. The designated parking place was a car park which was actually underneath the A14 dual carriageway. The sat-nav (like all sat navs) doesn’t consider the z-axis, and had been trying to get us on to the A14.

Again we had a rather good walk. We walked through a ford, we saw buzzards, red kites, chaffinches and even a flock of peacocks. At one point I spotted that Fudge was walking with a dead mouse in his mouth. I got the dead mouse out, and quick as a flash Treacle ate it. Which I suppose is marginally better than Pogo’s eating horse poo. And we even had a small flurry of snow when we stopped for lunch.
Geocache-wise today was a mixed bag. One part of the walk featured well maintained caches; one part featured caches in a right old state. (This is why I don’t like having anyone else hinging caches near any series that I put out – people just remember the crap ones)

Twelve miles (and seventy geocaches) later we got back to the cars. Today’s walk had taken a little longer than planned. We hurried back to base where we’d planned to stage a geo-meet in honour of Karl and Tracey’s ten thousandth cache find. We weren’t sure if anyone would turn up (apart from us), but we had half a dozen attendees including some friends who’d driven up from Ashford for the day.
We talked Tupperware and poured ale down our necks until it was dinner time. And what a wonderful dinner we had. I went for the rib and scampi, and followed it up with the cookie dough sundae.

Today was a rather full day – I took quite a few photos. I expect to sleep well tonight…

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