3 April 2019 (Wednesday) - Late Shift

I got a little bit cross over brekkie. A family member had re-posted something to Facebook. It was a pro-Brexit hate-filled racist rant about how the EU has invested UK money in EU projects. The original article contained the lineFind something that's gone the other way, I've looked and I just can't” Perhaps this bloke is a bit thick? There’s this brilliant thing called “Google” which (in less than five seconds) gave me thousands of examples of EU investments in the UK. Pro-Brexit, pro-remain… neither side of the quarrel is helped by deliberately spreading lies which can be debunked so easily. Mind you it amazes me that so few people take those five seconds to debunk the lies.
My in-box then went doolally as the geo-feds activated that series of geocaches that I hid yesterday. With an email to tell me that the reviewer had done his bit, an email to tell me it had been published, an email to tell me that *my* geocache had been published, and a notification about a new cache for each of them, that was one hundred and twenty-eight emails.

I got the leads on to the dogs, and we did our usual circuit of Bowens Field, Viccie Park and home though the co-op field. Sometimes our walks can be hard work; today’s walk was fine. We chatted with quite a few people, we had no fights. We met OrangeHead who (without her little gang) was quite chatty. Interestingly the foxy Jehovah’s Witnesses were dressed rather demurely today. Either because it was cold, or because that’s what you do when aspiring to take the moral high ground. (Though how you can take the moral high ground when you’d let someone die for want of a blood transfusion because the Bible says you shouldn’t eat uncooked pigs’ blood is beyond me).
There’s no denying that Fudge could have got a move on more than he did. Admittedly he has only got little legs. But if he employed them more in going forward and less in going off at right angles to the way we are going, or in running back the way we’d come from then we might get somewhere.

With walk done we came home. Within minutes all three dogs were fast asleep. I spent a little while working on the last module of my Coursera course. Are plants conscious? Are they intelligent? Intriguing questions.

I then drove up to the Medway towns. There is a geocache there which you find by solving a puzzle which is based on a plaque on a Naval memorial. I went there on February 15th when I entitled my blog entry for the day “Wasting Time in Chatham”. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t come up with a solution to the puzzle which looked to be sensible. At the time I took a photo of the plaque, and I thought I might have another look at the puzzle from the comfort of my sofa.
So I had another go at solving the puzzle this morning. Something which wasn’t evident from my phone’s app (but was on the lap-top screen) is that there is a checker that you can use to see if you’ve got the right answer to the puzzle. I tried the solutions I came up with last time. Both were wrong. So I tried again. And again. On about the twentieth time I got the right answer. If any of my loyal readers have been struggling with the puzzle I can explain exactly which one of the ten questions is open to misinterpretation.
I got to *exactly* the place that I'd seen on Google Street View,  looked in *exactly* the place that the hint said, and there was nothing there. Ho hum...
Just as I was about to search again for the umpteenth time I had a message on my phone. And another... And another...

I'd made the teensiest error on one of the cache pages for the series that went live this morning. Being a generous sort of guy I'd set thirty geo-checkers to allow people to have solutions accepted that were within ten metres of the actual result. In geo-speak that's pretty generous. I'd intended to set them all like that, but I'd overlooked to change the default setting on one of them, and that one would only accept absolutely spot-on solutions. Which arent easy to get when you are trying to work out where something is from over a mile away. Consequently people were struggling to get the green light on that one. Some messages were friendly; so weren't as aimiable as they might have been.  It took about fifteen minutes for me to spot what I'd done wrong, and about thirty seconds to put it right. ​

I drove in to work where I had a rather good dinner. Chicken and chips in curry sauce followed by spotted dick and custard. It's almost worth doing the late shift for food like that...

All of those geocaches I hid yesterday have now been found except one. From the description of what was found where the missing one had been hidden, it seems as though an animal has had it. I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t Pogo…

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