24 April 2019 (Wednesday) - Feeling Grim

I did have a relatively early night last night. I got nearly eight hours asleep, and woke feeling like death warmed up. I wondered about staying in bed and phoning in sick, but I got up anyway in the hope that I might rally somewhat.
I scoffed a bowl of granola and swallowed a cup of coffee whilst watching an episode of “Fleabag” (she was still trying to pork the priest), and by the time I sparked up my lap-top I wasn’t feeling quite so grotty. I had a look at Facebook – the photos of my haul of Easter eggs had got a lot of attention (which was nice).

I checked my emails. I had a whole load more emails about “found it” logs I’ve received on the geocaches that I’ve hidden over the last few months. Over the Easter break I’ve had about four hundred such messages. Having a look at my geo-stats it would seem that over the (nearly) seven years that I’ve been hiding film pots under rocks, for each one I’ve found, over two people have found one that I’ve put out. I’m quite pleased about that.

As I drove to work there was talk on the radio about the Prime Minister getting the heave-ho. Yesterday the knives were out for her. Today the people being interviewed on the matter weren't so keen to be rid of her. The feeling now is that any election to replace her will just be a bloodbath between the pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit wings of the Conservative party. One side would win, one would lose, and it would be *very* divisive for a party that is already divided. It would seem that with Mrs May being generally hated, she is probably doing more to unite the Conservative party than anyone else could ever do.

There was also consternation being expressed about the Chinese tech giant Huawei who are building much of the nation's 5G telecommunication network. Being a Chinese company, they are bound by Chinese law, and as such are obliged to do whatever the Chinese government tell them. Such as hand over all the confidential information going through the 5G network, or even turn it off.
The obvious answer is not to sell off the nation’s infrastructure, isn’t it?

I got to work; there was cake. I came home to find a car clamped outside my house. There were all sorts of stickers on it about it being a clamped untaxed car. On the one hand it is good that the authorities are clamping down on road tax evaders and are clearly making an example of them. On the other hand I’d rather they did this somewhere else. With parking at a premium in our street, there’s a parking space wasted.

I’d got up feeling grim; I came home feeling grim. "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of scoff. We watched it whilst catching up with episodes of “Big Bang Theory”.
I might have another early night…

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