8 December 2016 (Thursday) - Badlesmere

I was rather pleased to find my dog on the bed this morning. He’s taken to playing chase with the puppy and it is rather obvious he is wearing himself out doing so. He certainly overdid it last weekend and when I came home yesterday evening he didn’t have the energy to get out of his basket. Apparently he came upstairs of his own volition last night and "er indoors TM" lifted him on to the bed.

I would have liked to have stayed in bed longer this morning but I had to get up and move the car. The traffic wardens are rather unforgiving round our way and where I had parked last night was only good until 8am. Had I left the car there after 8am they would have given me a parking ticket at one minute past eight. However (from experience) it rather boils my piss that once I have vacated that spot a commuter will then park there and leave their car there all day and the traffic wardens will do nothing. They only ever come down our road before 8.15am and after 6pm. I once met a pair of them at half past midnight; ticketing cars which were not bothering anyone.
Much as I would have preferred to stay in bed it wasn’t a bad morning to be up. The sunrise was glorious, and as I then scoffed my toast I saw that Facebook was alive with photos of the sky.

"er indoors TM" was on a day off today; we put the leads onto both dogs and set off to Badelsmere where we met Gordon and Chrissie. Four bigguns, one littlun and three dogs then set off on a little geo-stroll. As we walked we saw pheasants and pigs. "Furry Face TM" vanished into the woods at one point, and ten minutes later he charged off over the fields in pursuit of heaven only knows what. He then sulked when he was put on the lead for the rest of the walk.
We walked for a baker’s dozen of geocaches; a couple of miles, less than two hours walk. Some might say a rather short walk, but it was ideal for a toddler and a puppy’s first serious walk. Treacle seemed to like the walk; mind you she did squeak a lot as we walked, and she did end up with mud on her nose.

Once back at the cars Chrissie had to get back to collect littun from nursery school; those remaining popped into the Red Lion for a debrief and for "Furry Shark TM" ‘s first ever visit to a pub.
A pint of Adnam’s “Ghost Ship” went down very well, followed by a pint of Theakston’s “Masham Oaked Ale” for dessert. As we sat and chatted there were Christmas songs playing in the background; it was really good.
It was at this point that Norton-pup started showing interest in Treacle. He seemed fascinated by the baby. Fudge’s reaction was hilarious; normally he and Norton pretty much ignore each other but Fudge wasn’t happy with Norton getting anywhere near the puppy.

With nothing on the agenda for the rest of the day I would quite happily have stayed in the pub soaking up the ambience (and the ale), but it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes and set off home. There was a minor disaster when we found the Co-op had sold out of Belgian buns, but a strange cherry cake from the Polish shop over the road made for a good stand-in…. Mind you I say “cherry cake”; I assumed it was cherry cake because there was a picture of some cherries on the label. The words were all in Polish. It could have been absolutely anything for all I knew.
Cake and coffee always makes for a good lunch, and with that scoffed, "er indoors TM", "Furry Face TM" and "Furry Shark TM" all curled up and went to sleep. I’d taken a few photos while we walked. Whilst everyone snoozed I posted them on Facebook.

We had a rather lazy afternoon, and after "er indoors TM" had boiled up some tea she shoved off to the monthly girlies crafting evening. I was left on dog-sitting duties so whilst they did their own canine things I watched the telly. The dogs slept for a bit, had a minor squabble, chased each other around the living room, and generally had fun.
The evening was slightly marred by one of them tiddling on the carpet, then crapping on the carpet, and then (exceeding the expectations of even her staunchest followers) she bit me on the bollock…
When I was asked about having a puppy I said no…

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