15 December 2016 (Thursday) - 6000

I slept well but not needing to get up early I lay in bed not wanting to get up. If I got up I would have to deal with "Furry Shark TM". She is *too* demanding. The call of the loo eventually became too strong and I came down and did my thing then sent both dogs to the garden where they both did their things two. For one dog that was expected, for the other it was something of a result.
Over brekkie I stared at my lap-top. And after fifteen minutes I used it to stare at other stuff. Last night I was told that updates were available. Every time this happens I make the same mistake; I choose the “Update and shut down” option. What this actually means is “only do half the update and do the rest when you next turn it on.” And so I stared at a blue screen telling me the progress of the update.

Eventually my lap-top got working. I managed to organise a walk for next week. If any of my loyal readers fancy a geo-wander you can sign up for it by clicking here.
I then had a wry smile about something I read on Facebook. The same theme occurs time and again; people deliberately go out of their way to give offence and then sulk when they reap what they have sown. Why can’t people say “I disagree with you for the following reasons” rather than saying “I disagree with you therefore you are a prick! – screw you, and screw the horse you rode in on” (here’s a tip – if you want to *really* insult someone be rude about their horse).
I also had three emails of utter drive from LinkedIn…

With "er indoors TM" having a day off work today I left her on dog-waking duties and set off to work. To be fair she'd given me orders to deliver candles to her mate on the far side of Canterbury, so it wasn't unfair to saddle her with the wolf-pack this morning.
As I drove to Canterbury there was a documentary on the radio about excessive consumption of gin in the lower orders in the nineteenth century. Apparently gin was seen as being sexy in those days (as it is today!)

I delivered the candles, and then drove down to the nearby church. There is a geo-puzzle there which had foxed me in the past. It looked like it was going to defeat me again until I actually read the instructions of what I was supposed to do, and soon enough I found the statue I was supposed to  be looking for. On none of my previous visits had I realised I was looking for a statue. It is amazing how reading the instructions can help in life.
I found "Albert", found his date of birth, did the sums, and sighed. In a geo-puzzle you work out a puzzle to find the location of the cache you are seeking. Some puzzles are solved at home; some involve going to a specific location first. Today's puzzle was based on a birthdate written on a statue. You can't blag that from the Internet (I'd tried), so I had to go to the specified co-ordinates first. The final location of puzzle caches can be (pretty much) anywhere.  Whilst the ones solved at home at home via the Internet really might be anywhere, I do feel that ones you have to solve in the big wide world should be relatively close to where the clue is. This one was quite a way away. Six hundred yards away. But I won't whinge - someone had taken the trouble to put the cache out; precious few people are doing that at the moment.
A short car journey, and a bit of a walk soon had me with the cache in hand. And I even picked up another geocache in the coach park as I was driving by. I didn’t realise at the time, but it was my six thousandth traditional-type find.

I got to work for the late shift. I'm not keen on the late shift; I arrive to find everyone else has settled into the day's routine and I then effectively cover everyone else's lunch and tea breaks until everyone goes home at 5pm and it then gets busy.
And I don't get home till nearly 9pm.

I came home to two dogs; "er indoors TM" was off flogging candles. But at least she'd left me my dinner.

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