3 December 2016 (Saturday) - Treacle's First Geocache

I came downstairs to find both dogs charging about like mad things. I was rather pleased about this; I had formed the vague impression that "Furry Face TM" was merely tolerating the baby. It was good to see him playing chase. Even if he did tire rather quickly. Both dogs then sat with me as I scoffed my toast.
Or (to be more accurate) my dog sat with me whilst the baby swarmed around my neck biting ears as she went. She’s more like a furry shark than a puppy.

I opened my Lego advent calendar. Todays was some space ship thingy (Yes – I *know* it is a TIE-fighter… no one cares!). Again I’ve got the Star Wars advent calendar, and again I’m wishing I’d got the other one.
I then played “Gems and Genies” on Facebook until "er indoors TM" was ready and then we took the dogs out. "er indoors TM" needed to find a calendar cache so we went down to Snave for a little wander. Having wasted half an hour being unable to find the Church Micro there a few weeks ago we found it in seconds today.
It was a good little wander even if "er indoors TM" wasn’t paying attention and went arse over tit over Fudge’s lead.

We came home (via the co-op) and had a message that Mrs Kleeneze was on the way. Whilst we waited both dogs charged round the house like things possessed. Again.
A Belgian Bun for dinner… a little pootle on-line, and then an afternoon asleep.

I woke and looked at the monthly accounts. Could be better; could be a lot worse… I had a spot of dinner then was severely savaged by the furry shark.
I’m off to the night shift now…

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