7 December 2016 (Wednesday) - Whinging

I didn’t sleep that well last night; I was rather miffed about a rather snotty message I’d received about one of my geocaches. When you find a cache you get to write a little story about your experiences. Yesterday evening I got probably the arsiest log I’ve ever received on one of my hides.
The cache is part of a themed series; this one is “Something beginning with Y”. There aren’t many things which begin with the letter Y that are small enough and are waterproof to serve. I’ve used a Yazoo bottle. The most recent finder wasn’t impressed with this hide and he made his contempt public. I wouldn’t have minded quite so much had I not spent hours over the summer giving the chap in question one of my wherigos and helping him re-write it to suit his purposes. I’m sorry I bothered helping him now.
Oh well… as the Ferengi say “No good deed ever goes unpunished” (Rule of Acquisition #285)
I thought about writing nasty things about him on Facebook but decided better of it. I’ve been told several times I shouldn’t descend to the level of those who boil my piss. So instead I just sulked as I looked at Facebook as I scoffed my toast. I had two friend requests from people I don’t know. Who are Jeny Lazo and Ian Mann?

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were discussing the plight of the Yemenese. Britain is currently spending millions of pounds to help those being bombed by the munitions that he British Government is (allegedly illegally) selling to the Saudis (who are bombing the Yemenese).
Surely the obvious answer to the problem is to stop the arms sales?

There was also some NHS bashing- waiting times are getting worse despite the best efforts of healthcare professionals.

However much of the blame about limited resources must be laid at the feet of the pharmaceutical companies. One such increasing their prices by over two thousand per cent.
On the one hand is making an honest living, on the other is blatant profiteering. How can the NHS ever save money when the prices are being hiked up like this? Maybe this might be a matter for the Minister for Health to investigate in detail.

I got to work but my mind was elsewhere. "Furry Shark TM" had her injections and was chipped this morning. For all that I never wanted a puppy I would have liked to have held her during her ordeal. She seemed to get on well even if the vet says she’s a tad heavy. But the vet seemed taken with her and she featured on the vet’s Facebook page.
She looks so sweet in photos; I wish she’d stop biting me…

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