11 December 2016 (Sunday) - Another Xmas Bash

"er indoors TM" has taken to bringing "Furry Shark TM" upstairs at night. The two of them woke me by having a fight at 3am. Ironically their fight was finishing just as I woke. I lay awake for a bit then went to the loo. I felt like death warmed up; I blame the fourth can of mild that I downed yesterday evening.
I went back to bed and amazingly went straight back to sleep. I eventually woke at 8am to find "Furry Face TM" had nearly pushed me off of the edge of the bed, and the noisy pair were nowhere to be seen.

Over brekkie I emailed the astro club membership to remind them of Friday’s meeting, and advertised the meeting on a few local Facebook groups. I then realised my mistake and deleted all that I’d done and put the adverts out again properly.

We then took both dogs for a little walk. Ashford Warren is always good for a wander; even if we did fail to find the geocache there (for about the tenth time!). The puppy is getting better at walking in that she doesn’t cry the entire time, but she does want to be picked up a lot. She’ll get the hang of walkies even if it kills me. After all walkies is what we do.

With walkies done "er indoors TM" took "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" shopping whilst I gave myself a haircut. I then slobbed for an hour or so until she returned. Whilst I slobbed, both dogs snored.

We then set off of the Kent geocacher’s Christmas bash. There was a minor hiccup when my card wouldn’t work in the CashPoint machine, but we were soon at the Castle Inn. We’d arranged to get there a little early and we had Sunday lunch with Team Fruitcake. Very nice.
A few beers with friends, talking geostuff, a really good evening. I had been nominated for “Cacher of the Year” but this year I wasn’t the winner. Mind you the award went to a most deserving chap.
And I didn’t sleep on the way home…

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