25 December 2016 (Sunday) - Christmas

Another night with far less sleep than I would have liked. Mind you "er indoors TM" was up before me and had "Furry Shark TM" in the garden when "Furry Face TM" and I came down.
We opened some pressies, and then disaster struck. Just as the puppy piddled on the carpet "er indoors TM" announced we’d run out of tin foil. Seeing the shop over the road was closed I set off on a mammoth drive round the town to get some. As I did the Grand Tour of Ashford I popped in to "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" as we’d mistakenly addressed one of Cheryl’s pressies to Charlie and needed to sort it out.
I eventually found tin foil and got home to find the shop over the road was open, and that we had tin foil all along.

We took the dogs round the park for a walk. I’d never seen Viccie Park so empty. We saw maybe half a dozen other people as we walked.

Once home we settled the dogs and drove round to "My Boy TM". We got there a little later than planned; there was nowhere to park. However once there we had a really good time. Lacey unwrapped pressies, we drank beer, Christmas music was on the telly. Cheryl had cooked a rather good dinner and we stuffed ourselves silly.
I settled myself on the sofa and woke an hour or so later to find “The Wizard of Oz” was on the telly. We used to watch that on Christmas afternoons at my gran’s house when I was my granddaughter’s age. And it now occurs to me that Dorothy must have been rather thick. How can she get lost like she did? There is only one road in Oz and it is bright yellow.
It turned out that everyone had been waiting for me to wake up; we then had Christmas pudding and spent an hour or two playing various card games. Great fun.

By the time the early evening came we really had to get home for the dogs. It had been a really good afternoon, and it was good to have a lazy evening watching the Christmas “Doctor Who” and “Bake Off”. One was good; one was awful…

I’ve got guts ache again…

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