17 December 2016 (Saturday) - A Few Beers

After a night filled with vivid dreams about a monthly geo-meet being held in a public toilet I got up and took "Furry Shark TM" into the garden where she did two flavours of “business”. Once I’d dealt with the unsavoury bits of having a puppy, "er indoors TM"  then showed up. The puppy then spent much of the early morning quacking like a duck. She’d clearly got something stuck in her throat.

Over brekkie I had a look on-line. Facebook told me of several people having birthdays. There was also a thing on one of the work-related groups I follow about people seeing ghosts in the laboratories in which they work. I have seen what I thought might have been a ghost on night shifts many years ago so I commented. I suspect I will regret doing so.
I then checked out my emails – Mrs Fatima Usman had written to me because I am “beloved in Christ” (!) She’s got four million quid and is on her death bed. She won’t get into heaven with all that money and it is her dying wish that someone give the money to charity for her. Obviously she’ll pay that person handsomely for their trouble but if someone don’t give the money away for her, she’ll burn in hell fire.
If anyone would like to help Mrs Fatima Usman avoid eternal damnation (and be paid a lot of money for doing so) I can forward the email for a mere fifty quid. (I can do scams too)
I also saw I had a comment from Guy on yesterday’s blog entry. One worth reading – not all scams are quite so blatant. Perhaps I was a tad harsh yesterday.
I’ve adjusted the comments section on this blog – it should be easier to comment now.

Jamie arrived, and we all set off to Betteshanger. There is a geo-series  in Fowlmead country park, and we soon met up with Aleta, Karl, Tracy and Charlotte for a little walk. There weren’t a lot of caches on the walk, but the ones that were there were challenging, and very cleverly done. We eventually fornd the lot, but they took some finding. We had a rather good little walk. I’d never been to Fowlmead country park before; if it wasn’t for this hobby of hunting Tupperware I doubt I would ever have gone there. It was a rather good place to go for a walk.
We only had a short walk today; and with the walk done we adjourned to The Crown in Finglesham. I’d been in contact with the landlady in the week; the place was dog-friendly. They did some rather wonderful cheesy chips (with red Leicester) and had a rather good ale selection. I tried the lot, and barring a quick tiddle stop in Kearsney Abbey I slept all the way home.

I took a few photos whilst we walked; once home I posted them on-line, then dozed for much of the afternoon.
Eventually we both woke, had a pie and chips whilst watching “Trollied” then went up to The Star where “Access All Areas” were playing a Christmas gig. As always the band were excellent. I particularly liked the bit where a pint of Guinness got emptied into the P.A. system and the resulting short circuit blew all the electrics in the pub. I think they should do that more often.
However I was rather amazed by how empty the pub was. There was the obvious “rent-a-mob” crowd (of which we were a part) who had come to support the band. And it was obvious who wasn’t part of that “rent-a-mob” crowd. There couldn’t have been more than four people in the pub who weren’t friends of the band. I can’t see The Star staying open with that level of custom.

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