2 December 2016 (Friday) - Lamp Post

With a day off work and no reason to be up (and sleeping for once) it was a shame that a random car alarm started shouting outside at 6.30am.
"er indoors TM" then referee-ed the dogs’ breakfast. Having chosen them different foods according to their ages and sizes each dog now wants what the other is eating. And having eaten their brekkie they played tug-o-war with the remains on an old teddy bear.

I opened my Advent Calendar. Today I got a little Lego man. He will (probably) be the hero of this year’s story. You can follow this year’s calendar by clicking here. The calendar got off to something of a bad start yesterday when several people (who I don’t know at all) complained (in the most nerdish tones) that what I thought was a robot duck was actually Bobba Fett’s spaceship. I started off being polite, but in the end decided that when they have as many Star Trek Tattoos as I have and when they have been filmed for the Sci-Fi channel’s adverts dressed as a Bolian (in full Starfleet uniform and shaved blue head like I was) I might respect their nerdish opinions. Until then I have deleted their comments.
The trouble with nerds is they have no sense of humour. Geeks do. A subtle (but important) difference.

"er indoors TM" was having a day off today. Together we took both dogs round the park. Fudge was his usual boisterous self. The baby was carried. She had a couple of small walks but it was all rather too much for her; she cried most of the way.
Once home we loaded up my car with assorted garden rubbish, and with dogs settled I dropped "er indoors TM" at Matalan and I went on to do a tip run. I’ve grumbled about the tip before; why is it that when people are unloading rubbish they seem to be utterly oblivious to the world around them. People were walking into other people all the time. It really did seem that everyone was invisible to everyone else.
I then went back to Matalan who still don’t cater to the more portly physique, and we drove on to Tesco who were even worse.

Home for a spot of lunch. I sat with my dog and we both dozed for an hour or so. I then left "er indoors TM" with the dogs and drove out to Trottiscliffe with my ladder. There is a geocache up a lamppost in the general vicinity and today a gaggle of us were meeting up to go get the thing. Just as I was nearly there I met Dick. We made our way to the lamp post, did the secret geo-ritual up the ladder then waited for everyone else to arrive. Despite having arranged to meet at the lamp post everyone else had congregated in a pub car park, but it wasn’t long before we were all together. Everyone else went up the ladder; we retreated to the pub for a crafty half then I came home through some rather awful traffic.

With "er indoors TM" flogging candles this evening the plan was that I would do some ironing. It was a good plan for all the time that the puppy was asleep. But once she woke up we had a bit of a falling out. When she’s not fouling the carpet she just won’t stop biting; her teeth are like needles and they *hurt*. And she had a habit of digging into the carpet and sofas too. I gave the puppy a five minute time-out in her cage and she just whined and cried.
Fudge is amazingly patient with her, but if I had the contact details of the woman from whom we’d got the puppy I would have taken her back this evening…

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