5 December 2016 (Monday) - After the Night Shifts

When on the night shift I have the radio on. It can be interesting; it *is* interesting. But there were oh-so-many repeats last night. We started off with an expose on a scandal about how Estonia its selling citizenship on the Internet. I listened to that on Thursday evening. There was a nature program about crayfish which I heard shortly before going home yesterday morning. There was extracts from the autobiography of the widow of Captain Scott which I also heard shortly before going home yesterday morning. There was an odd play about a misanthropic governess that had been on in the small hours on the previous night.
It is as well that the radio is just background noise to keep me company whilst I work, rather than the only thing I have to keep me sane in the small hours. You'd think the BBC would have a rather larger archive.

As I came home the pundits on the radio were wittering on about Brexit again. It seems more and more likely that in order to maintain the current levels of trade with the European countries the UK is going to have to pay all sorts of tariffs. The Brexit secretary has hinted that at the end of the day the UK may well still be handing over as much money to Brussels as we were before the referendum, and may well be beholden to as many Euro-rules as we were before. The only difference Brexit would have made would be that we no longer had any say in the making of those Euro-rules. They were interviewing one of the Norwegian ministers who had warned that this is the arrangement that Norway has with the EU and that they don’t like it.
The Foreign Secretary disagrees. Let's hope he's right.

I had decided that when I got home I would take my dog to the vets. But I got home to find him a lot perkier than yesterday. He wanted to go for a walk, and he was scoffing biscuits. Going to the vets only upsets and stresses him so we went for a walk instead.
Once he was walked I went to the dentist. He again commented that existing fillings really need replacing at some point; he’s been saying that for ten years.

I took myself off to bed for the rest of the morning. Over a spot of lunch I watched the second episode of this week’s instalments of “Game of Thrones”. I’m now at the part of season six where it starts getting good again (yes - the episode where nudey-dragon-girl gets them out again). As I watched so my dog was intently ripping up the teddy bear he’s been given yesterday, and the puppy (furry shark!) wreaked mayhem. Eventually the furry shark tired and fell asleep across the back of my shoulders. As she snored into my left ear I watched the last couple of lectures on the course on dog psychology, and then did the exam. I passed the course – ninety-three percent. Not bad.
This is the seventh course I’ve done with Coursera. Over the years they have taught me about astro-biology, internet security, dark matter, dinosaurs, psychology (human and canine) and the origin of life, the universe and everything. And all for free. I wonder what I’ll learn about next with them.

I then had a rather odd five minutes. Having chewed my laptop’s power cable and my phone the furry shark then went on a little walkabout. It wasn’t long before the familiar odour reached my nose. The puppy had done a poo. But could I find it? Eventually I gave up searching; it is still out there somewhere.
I then opened today’s window on the Lego advent calendar and then sat on the sofa with "Furry Face TM" for a while. He’s better than he was yesterday but is still obviously not his usual self. After a while "Furry Shark TM" joined us. I had a quiet poorly dog to my left and a rampaging ball of fluff and sharp teeth to my right.

"er indoors TM" came home and boiled up a rather good bit of dinner before going bowling. I thought of suggesting she might stay in with the puppy she wanted rather than leaving me with the puppy I didn’t want. But I thought better of it. The little puppy actually slept for much of the evening, but was fascinated by the noises made by various animals starring in the documentary “Planet Earth II”. At one point she was sitting up and watching the telly. Fudge never watches the telly…

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