13 December 2016 (Tuesday) - Raffles

"er indoors TM" spent much of the night fighting with the puppy; finally putting her in her own bed at some point in the small hours. I didn’t get involved; I had more than my fair share of her playing up yesterday evening.
Over brekkie I sat with the puppy generally mauling me about. "Furry Face TM" watched from his basket. He looked like misery personified. He’s not nasty round the baby, but he clearly looks as though he is missing out on the fuss. So "er indoors TM" took the puppy off so’s I could have some “me and my dog time.” Within thirty seconds the puppy was back and being a nuisance.

As one dog sulked and the other chewed the corner of my laptop I tried to have a look-see on the Internet. Facebook abounded with birthdays. It often does.
I had quite a few emails this morning. LinkedIn were letting me know that someone I’ve never met has been lauded for his coaching abilities, B&Q and Go Outdoors were offering me discounts, various employment agencies were suggesting I do work for which I am utterly unqualified and someone at www8336up.sakura.ne.jp was pretending to be HM Revenue and Customs in a rather pathetic attempt to con me.

Against my better judgement I took both dogs round the park this morning. "Furry Face TM" was his usual self, but "Furry Shark TM" was (in all honesty) a pain in the arse. Having been boisterous and excitable and non-stop all morning she whimpered and cried for most of the walk. She *really* doesn’t seem to like going out for walks. Perhaps she’s cold? If so she should wear her coat. As we walked we met many of the usual dog-walking circuit. Everyone wanted to fuss her; it just scared her.
We were out for the best part of an hour; once home she tiddled in the garden and crapped on the carpet. I’m told she’ll grow out of it…

And so to work for the late shift. During my breaks I usually read something on my Kindle app. Today I got a bargain. I got the entire collection of all of the stories of Raffles the Gentleman Thief in Kindle format from Amazon for fifty-nine pence. I always liked the TV series, and “Raffles the Gentleman Thug” (in Viz magazine) always makes me snigger. So far the book seems OK; but for fifty-nine pence I can’t really complain.

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