4 December 2016 (Sunday) - Poorly Dog

I did my bit at work last night. I say that I don't mind night work... I don't really, but it can be so lonely. Over twelve hours on my own can be a bit much. And there is only so much Radio Four one can listen to before the brain overloads. Mind you I did sulk a little last night as I was missing the works Christmas booze up. The trouble with hospital work is that the place never closes and someone has to man the fort when everyone else is on a jolly. And I’d drawn the short straw.

I had intended to come home via the Wincheap boot fair. I went there a month or so ago and saw a rather good fishing tackle stall. I was hoping to get a seat box this morning but the boot fair wasn’t there today. That was a pain.
Once home I was rather surprised not to be mobbed by dogs. "Furry Face TM" looked at me from his basket but didn’t get up. I showed him his lead and he started quivering. We have a theory that he has strained his back through charging around with the puppy. As he lay in his basket the furry shark laid with him.
However he did rally enough to go round the block.

"er indoors TM" needed a calendar cache today. One in Egerton was selected and I went along for the ride. A relatively straight-forward find. We came home via the vets for a little advice about Fudge. I must admit I wasn’t as patient with them as I might have been. A combination of having been up all night combined with the receptionist’s desire to gossip rather than do her job did little for my mood.
I didn’t want to take my dog to the surgery as he only seems to be under the weather, and taking him to the vets would *really* stress him out. The receptionist went out to speak to the vets and eventually announced that they would not advise anything unless they saw him.
We agreed that I will bring him in tomorrow if he doesn’t rally.

I had a shower and a light lunch of a Belgian bun. As I scoffed it so the furry shark scrambled round my shoulders licking my wet hair. And just as she’s lulled me into a false sense of security she bit a lump out of my right ear.

I then took myself to bed for the afternoon and sulked a little more as the family all drove down to Hastings. Again working meant I was missing out. My brother's in-laws were holding their annual pre-Christmas party today. For all that I don't really know three quarters of the people there, it is usually a good party. I would rather have been there with my children and grandchildren rather than being in bed prior to twelve more hours of loneliness. I didn’t sleep that well; next door spent the afternoon hammering and drilling. After three hours I gave up and watched an episode of “Game of Thrones” with my dog on my lap. He was rather subdued; he’s going to the vet tomorrow…

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