23 December 2016 (Friday) - Robots?

For some odd reason I was cold for much of the night. In retrospect I think I might have been warmer had I pulled the duvet over myself, but I gave up shivering and tiddled the dogs at 5.30am.

Hannah” (my GPS unit) was playing up yesterday so with a couple of minutes spare over brekkie I downloaded some software and Garmin Express has now updated my firmware. I wonder if the thing will ever work again?
I then had a look on-line. I had a friend request on Facebook from a rather foxy looking young lady wearing a saucy bra and a smile. I decided against accepting her friend request; you can get too much of a good thing.
I also saw something which worried me; The Works café is closing down today. I had a minor panic until I realised that I’d confused the Works café with The Foundry café. The Foundry café does really good food. The Works café did good food, but as you ate it the cook’s children would stand and watch you whilst looking very hungry. Their closure isn’t such a loss.

I left for work in the dark; it seemed rather cold today. As I drove the pundits on the radio were wittering on. I didn't really listen to much of what was said, but my ears did prick up when they said that Eaton Square (where my favourite show "Upstairs Downstairs" was set) is the most expensive place in the country to live. I knew the Bellamys were rich but...
Also the second international congress on love and sex with robots has announced that it is unlikely that anyone will get killed having sex with a robot. There are to be recommendations that sex robots have emergency "off" buttons just in case things get too racy.
Personally I'm amazed that there was a *second* international congress on love and sex with robots. You would have though they would have learned their lessons on the first one. And someone somewhere is getting paid to go to international congresses on love and sex with robots. I bet they are getting paid more than I get.
It is at times like this that I seriously question my career choices. I wonder where you apply to be a delegate...

I stopped off in Morrisons for some supplies. Usually Morrisons is rather quiet at 7am. Today it was heaving. It was full of rather foxy young ladies all of whom seemed to have taken their grandfathers to get their Christmas food shops. All rather odd.

And then to work. Today dragged. Back in the day the last working day before Christmas was fun. We would work until mid-day. At that point management would take over and we would all go down the pub. Management would join us at 3pm when the night shift arrived early to take over.
Things are very different nowadays.
Mind you I did get an email from the occupational health people at Maidstone. The stuff I emailed them earlier in the week was good, and all is good for me to start there in a few weeks time. I wonder how things will turn out there?

I left work a couple of minutes early; time was it would have been several hours early. Once home I got changed, decanted some stout, and pausing only briefly to collect Stevey from the station we went round to see Steve and Sarah. An evening chatting, far too much to eat… Christmas has started.

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