20 December 2016 (Tuesday) - Got the Beer

I was pleased I had a reasonable night’s sleep; nearly six hours. Can’t be bad. I tried for more kip but it wasn’t happening so I got up and took the dogs outside for a tiddle. One of them isn’t a worry about such things, the other certainly is. Once tiddled "Furry Shark TM" ran upstairs to terrorise "er indoors TM". However my dog looked at the stairs and went back to his basket. Since the puppy arrived he’s been a bugger for eating the puppy food and it is *really* fattening for a dog that isn’t supposed to be growing. He’s put on nearly a kilogram in this last couple of weeks, and he is clearly struggling with the extra weight. We’re trying to enforce a diet, but it isn’t easy.

Over brekkie I watched the most recent episode of “Thunderbirds are Go” then checked out emails. I had one from NHS jobs which was advertising the job I’m currently in. Changing job is somewhat nerve-wracking. I also had the chance to register the domain name mankybadger.blog. Do I want that? Possibly. I also had an email offering me a hot date with sexy Asian beauties. I decided to pass on that offer.

I set off to work on a rather circuitous route. First of all I got some cash from the co-op. As I queued for the money machine a small boy (who was in the queue with his mother) asked my name. I told him my name, and suggested that he shouldn't really talk to strangers. He promptly told me that I wasn't a stranger; I was Dave. He then went on to tell me all about his puppets including his favourite one who was called Fred. It was something of a shame when I had to leave the co-op.

I then drove to the hospital in Maidstone. It took about as long to drive there as it takes to drive to Canterbury. It is a longer journey but straight up the motorway with far less farting about. Once there I picked up my car parking permit and electronic key to the staff car park. It looks like there is a better car parking arrangement there (and it is cheaper).
Mind you picking up the parking bits suddenly made the new job seem rather real.

From there it was a short hop to Grafty Green. Needless to say there is a geocache there. This one involved a field puzzle. I solved the puzzle and soon had the cache in hand. Happy dance.
I also popped into the village shop in Grafty Green. Have you ever been there? If not, I'd suggest paying the place a visit. It is like going back fifty years in time. It is the sort of shop that they would have in Royston Vasey.
Having barely escaped with my life from the shop I drove down the road for a mile to what I can only describe as "Heaven on Earth"; the Whitstable brewery. The place where they make raspberry wheat beer and oyster stout. I came away with four gallons of oyster stout and even got a little look round the brewery too.

From here I pointed the car towards Canterbury and despite a couple of road closures was soon on the A28. Coffee and cake in the garden centre, a pit-stop in Morrisons, a quick top-up with petrol (for the car; not me) and I was at work with a couple of minutes to spare.
I did my bit, and with my bit done I didn't head to Folkestone (as was the original plan); instead it was to Arden Drive as Jimbo was ailing. A spot of telly on a Tuesday night is never a bad thing…

I’ve got the box of beer in place. It can settle overnight and I shall try some tomorrow…

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