16 December 2016 (Friday) - Busy, Busy...

Another good night’s sleep; I woke shortly before the alarm to find I was cuddling "Furry Face TM" as though he were a teddy bear. Leaving him asleep I went downstairs. After a few minutes "Furry Shark TM" woke. We went into the garden where she did a poo and a tiddle. Some people may claim this is too much information; in my world this is actually something of a major result.
"Furry Shark TM" then sat on my lap quietly (another major result) whilst I watched last week’s episode of “South Park”. I’ve been less than enthusiastic about that show recently; today’s episode was a disappointment. Maybe after nearly twenty years the show has run its course?

As my puppy alternated chewing my laptop with farting I had a quick look-see on-line. For once my inbox was empty. And in a novel break with tradition not a lot was happening on social media either. I then sat doing absolutely nothing for a few minutes; my puppy had crawled behind my neck, had got herself in to the most precarious of positions and had gone to sleep. I didn’t really want to wake her. However she dropped one of the worst farts I have ever smelled; that shifted me.

I must admit I got a tad peeved as I listened to the car radio on the way to work.  There are calls for banks to refund the money of people who are stupid enough to fall for Internet scams. Can you believe it? Someone gets an email saying "Free money - click here" and they get directed to a web page which says "tell us all your banking details and passwords". Not only are they are then daft enough to do so, but they also expect someone else to pay for their idiot actions. These Internet scams are no different to some wide-boy approaching you in the street and asking for all your cash. You wouldn't give them your money in the street, so why do so on-line?
I can understand this being an issue in the early days of the Internet, but surely people are now aware of this sort of thing? Aren't they?

I stopped off at Morrisons before work to get supplies. In the five minutes it took me to do a little shopping the roads went from empty to absolutely heaving with traffic.

I was rather miffed when I got to work. Today was "Christmas Jumper Day". A couple of weeks ago I spent twenty quid on a Christmas Jumper from Tesco's. The thing was supposed to light up. It did when I first got it; but in the intervening two weeks the battery had died. Still, I can't complain too much. My Christmas jumper was rather good compared with others worn today; even if it was a tad warm over my shirt and under my laboratory coat (yes - I wear a lab coat at work!) And the pom-pom did give me a rather saucy-looking protuberance.
I was rather tired as well; what with the vagaries of my shift system today was the first time in months that I'd actually worked a full five-day week. I've found it rather hard going.

Usually I have McScoff before astro club, but a combination of every other McScoffer being unavailable together with my having to work today made McScoff impractical. I'd bought a Cornish pasty in Morrisons this morning so I devoured that and set off to Woodchurch.
This was (in theory) the last time I would go to astro club from Canterbury. I’d passed up a trip to the Winter Wonderland at Hever castle for tonight’s astro club. We had a really good quiz night. Good fun was had by all, and it was obvious that a lot of effort had gone into putting the quiz together. However I did think the attendance was somewhat disappointing. We had perhaps a third of the usual attendance. Is it because it is Christmas and everyone else had stuff on? Would the punters rather have a standard lecture evening?
I don’t know, but I enjoyed the quiz. And winning isn’t important. It is taking part that counts. And next year I shall abuse my position on the committee to find out what the proper answers to the quiz are…

I left home shortly after 7am this morning; I got home shortly after 10pm tonight. I’m worn out….

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  1. Scams are not always as simple as a free money email some are extremely targeted and extremely convincing. At work we get one whereby our accounts payable departments get a very convincing (all the details including, names, titles, signatures, visible email addresses etc match perfectly) email purportedly coming from our MD's iphone asking what info they need from him to do a direct payment to a supplier. The process then flows that they give the info to him, he sends the details and they make the payment except the correspondence hasn't been with our MD but a scammer, we catch this scam because of our processes but other possibly wouldn't. A local school got done, they were having some building work done and they received a paper invoice from the builders requesting a payment but stating that the builders had changed their bank account, by all accounts the paperwork was absolutely identical to the builder's paperwork so the school paid the not unexpected £20,000 bill. As a result getting scammed is all to easy, however I don't believe that the banks should be liable for the loss, but they do need to do more and react more quickly to help trace and recover funds when things like this happen.