14 December 2016 (Wednesday) - WTF?

I came downstairs shortly after 5:30am this morning to find the puppy had spent the night in her own bed. I immediately took her outside and she immediately came back inside to do her tiddles and poops. Having checked out eBay and saw I paid about three times the going rate for puppy pads yesterday. I’m hoping the ones I paid will last three times longer…

Over brekkie I watched Saturday’s episode of “Thunderbirds are Go”; there are those in the geek fraternity who don’t like the show; I love it. As I watched it the puppy fidgeted on my lap.
With puppy finally settled I sparked up my lap-top and had a look-see on-line. My piss rather boiled at the rampant hypocrisy of social media. I won’t go into specific details; there are several currently boiling my piss. But what is social media for, if not for having a good rant and seizing the moral high ground?

I spent five minutes opening my Lego Star Wars advent calendar and trying to figure out exactly what I had in today’s window. Initially the Lego Star Wars advent calendar attracted quite a few “iffy” comments from those who didn’t really understand it, but they seem to have decided to leave me alone now.

It was another foggy morning as I set off to work.  As I drove the pundits on the radio were spouting their nonsense. Today there was fuss about the funding of schools.
In years gone by schools were funded centrally. That wasn't thought to be fair because it didn't allow for regional idiosyncrasies. Funding was then organised locally and so consequently some councils put a higher priority on education than others. This is the reason why the funding of schools differs massively across the country. This isn't fair either, and so the funding is to be messed about again.
Much the same can be said of all public services. In 1981 I was employed by East Sussex Health Authority. Similar political thinking promptly split it in to three separate bodies for Eastbourne, Brighton and Hastings, and in the intervening years has (effectively) re-formed and disbanded several times. Every time because of the whim of the current political climate, and never once because of any provable tangible reason.
I can't help but feel if more money was spent on services and less on thinking in abstract political terms about services, then everyone would have more money to provide said services.

I stopped off at Morrisons where the chap putting out the wine bottles had his arse cleft hanging out of the top of his trousers. I wasted ten minutes unsuccessfully trying to get a photo for "CrackWatch" then went on to work.
As I worked I had a minor bit of good news. What with the odd hours I work I am often free mid-week, and so don't use up my annual leave. Before I leave for my new place of work in January I've got some leave to use up. The boss has agreed that I can take two days off next week. One day will be a spell of pike fishing on the canal; the other may be a dog walk for me and *my* dog (and anyone who wants to come along)

With work worked I came home. In a novel break with tradition "er indoors TM" was home first, so I left her to fight with the puppy and took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk.  We didn't go far, but just having one dog on the lead is so much easier.
"er indoors TM" then shoved off to some works beano leaving me “home alone” with the dogs. "Furry Face TM" is no trouble, but "Furry Shark TM" was a pain in the arse. Literally. She was constantly seeking attention, and when she wasn’t seeking attention she was chewing things she shouldn’t. Like my laptop.

She spent the rest of the evening in her cage. I *know* it is not supposed to be a punishment, but I am struggling with this puppy…

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