12 December 2016 (Monday) - Turd Bonanza

Over brekkie I watched the episode of “Dad’s Army” that the SkyPlus box had recorded for me on Saturday night. It was the last one that was ever made; it wasn’t bad at all. But now I’ve seen the lot in order I wonder what will be next on BBC2 on a Saturday evening?
I then had a quick look-see on-line. Not much had happened overnight at all for once. Which was probably for the best.

It was a rather foggy morning as I set off to work. Foggy and still dark. But at least the car wasn't covered in ice. As I drove I listened to the radio. President-elect Donald Trump is publicly arguing with the bosses of the CIA following revelations that the Russian KGB supposedly conspired to put the skids under Hilary Clinton's election campaign to ensure Trump got elected.
One can only speculate on why the Russians wanted Trump in the White House...

There was also more evidence of global warming in that squid is becoming cheap enough to now be a staple in the nation's fish and chip shops, and apparently reindeer are getting smaller as a consequence of climate change.
As well as reindeer shrinking, apples certainly are. the ones I got this morning in Morrisons were half the size of the ones I got a couple of weeks ago.
I got to work for the early shift and did my bit. Having done a lot of lone-worker night shifts it seemed odd having loads of people about the place today. But an early start made for an early finish and I was soon enough back at home.

As soon as I get home is dog walk time. Now the puppy is involved it is becoming something of a chore. It is a fight to get her lead on, then she tries to pull "Furry Face TM" ‘s lead as I’m trying to get him leaded up. She whimpers for much of the walk, and it is difficult not to fall over her. Walking one dog is a pleasure; walking two is hard work.
With the dog walk over and no “business” done the dogs were sent into the garden. Both did business. One then went on to shit on the carpet for an encore. It was rather amusing a couple of weeks ago, it is becoming rather tiresome now. Especially as once "er indoors TM" had gone bowling I then spent much of the evening either being bitten or clearing up behind the puppy…

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