1 December 2016 (Thursday) - Robot Duck

I slept well; waking shortly after 7am to find myself cuddling my dog (as opposed to her dog) and in urgent need of the loo.
Over a spot of brekkie I had a look-see on-line. I see the date for Brighton Kite festival has been published. I didn’t go last time. I wonder if I’ll go to the next one. I’d like to. It just depends on how the shifts on my new job will pan out.
I also had several emails. There is a geo-meet on New Year’s Day. I may well go along to that. I also had a voucher for fifteen quid off of whatever I want to buy in B&Q, a notification about several jobs about which I am not interested, and the offer of sex with exotic and refined Asian women. I was rather intrigued with the last offer. From my (admittedly limited) experience in these matters I wouldn’t have thought that it would be the “exotic and refined” women who were offering sex with strangers over the internet. I would have thought it would have been “loose” women. But what do I know.
As I pondered about women of dubious moral character "er indoors TM" fed the dogs. In two days they have already got this way of eating each other’s food then both farting like fruitbats for the next hour or so.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park. It was cold. Once home I sorted laundry and then opened my Lego advent calendar. I got the thinh months ago but have been good and haven’t opened it till today. Each window has a surprise behind it. Today we started off with heaven only knows what it was. I’ve decided  that it is a robot duck. I suspect that if you are seriously into Star Wars ego then the robot duck has a major significance. All I can say is that I have two Star Trek tattoos and I have no idea what robot ducks are all about.
I hope all will become clear over the next few days. I suspect it won’t….

With a little time on my hands I thought I might make a complaint to my mother’s GP surgery. The nurse overseeing her anticoagulation therapy has been taking far too long to get my mother’s details entered onto the anticoagulation software. Said nurse is very vocal about the fact that she’s not been shown how to do it; it is somebody else’s job.
I’ve told the practice manager that these drugs can kill and that it is imperative that my mother’s details be correctly entered on the system. And further more if this nurse hasn’t gotten it sorted by tomorrow I will be lodging a query about her competence with the Royal College of Nursing. If this nurse can’t actually do the job then she shouldn’t be dealing with patients. Decent people have been had up for far less serious failings…
So I phoned the surgery and the phone just rang and rang. After half an hour I got through and was told the practice manager wasn’t there. I left a message for her to phone me back. She didn’t.

With a little time on my hands I did a little more of my course on dog psychology. Today we learned about aggression in dogs. It turns out that thirty thousand Americans need reconstructive surgery every year after being bitten by dogs. Everyone blames pit bull terriers; and they aren’t to blame. Mainly because few people actually know what a pit bull terrier looks like. It turns out that all breeds have aggressive and non aggressive individuals. Furthermore most dog bites happen to small children who try to take food away from dogs or won’t stop provoking dogs.

And so to work. It took nearly an hour and a half to do a forty-minute journey. And once there all the excitement of my day was done…

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