19 December 2016 (Monday) - Tired

I woke in the small hours having had only four hours sleep and couldn't get back to sleep. I eventually gave up trying and got up about an hour or so before the alarm was due to go off.
Both dogs seemed worn out when I came downstairs; but then it was 5am. We had a successful tiddle-run to the garden, then over brekkie I watched an episode of "The Young Pope" with a dog asleep on either side of me. A good episode; much more pious and much less nudity.
I carried both dogs upstairs, settled them on a sleeping "er indoors TM" and set off to work.

As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the terms of any Brexit agreement. It is looking more and more likely that whatever agreement is reached will have the UK beholden to European law. In fact beholden to the very same laws that we intended to abolish by voting "out" in the first place. So having left the EU we are stuck with those laws that we didn't want, and now have absolutely no say whatsoever in amending them (where once we did).
Have I missed something here?

There was also talk of the island of St Helena. An airport has been built there at considerable expense to the UK taxpayer, and now that it has been built it turns out that the airport can't be used because it wasn't built with any consideration for the prevailing winds.
I found this particularly interesting as it was only a year or so ago (6 March 2015) that I was seriously considering taking a sabbatical there. I'm glad I didn't now.

I stopped off in Morrrisons on my way to work and was rather disappointed by the complete lack of any sort of Christmas ales. I shall have to shop elsewhere. I have an appointment at the Whitstable Brewery tomorrow morning.

I came home via Fat Fish Tackle in Chartham where I got some pike lures. I’m told the canal is fishing well at the moment. Here’s hoping.

And so home. I put a load of shirts in to wash whilst "er indoors TM" fought with "Furry Shark TM". I believe the plan was to do some hoovering but the puppy wasn’t overly keen in the idea. She also tried to eat the brush when sweeping was tried. And with "er indoors TM" off on a shopping mission I got the shirts ironed whilst the dogs ran riot…
I’m really tired – hope I get some sleep tonight…

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