24 December 2016 (Saturday) - Visiting

Despite a very late night last night I was still wide awake about four hours earlier than I would have liked.
Over brekkie I posted up the last instalment of this year’s Lego advent calendar. This year’s seemed to be somewhat lacking in plot. The Star Wars advent calendar doesn’t really work in my world. Next year I’ll get the Lego City one.

There was minor consternation in the family this morning since the "My Boy TM"-mobile blew up last night. The thing stopped working in the general vicinity of Court Wurtin (a place, not an indecent offence!) and the official verdict of the AA man was that the car was f*cked. For those of a more technical disposition the engine has seized. If any of my loyal readers have a spare engine they don’t want, and the ability to install it, please let me know.
Six years ago I would have been able to buy them a replacement car. For all that I wasn’t really happy with my lot six years ago, having a *lot* more disposable income did make for an easier life. It is little niggles like not being able to help my children that really hurts.

"er indoors TM" had cooked up the turkey overnight; the dogs had turkey fat on their biscuits for their brekkie. They loved it.

With dogs settled we set off to Hastings. First of all to visit the mother-in-law. An hour’s chatting, a cup of coffee and a mince pie all went down nicely then we walked down the road to see the brother-in-law and his tribe. We were only an hour late for lunch with my mother, but on the plus side we managed to reactivate her Facebook account. I then slept for much of the afternoon.
We then visited the other in-laws for a mince pie, and as we were in the area we had a wander round Westfield. The village puts on a rather pretty light show every year; it was rather impressive and *very* crowded.
We’d had a *really* busy day and we came home worn out; in many ways this was typical of how our Christmases used to be. For years Christmas was always an endless journey of driving round visiting everyone else. A couple of years ago I put a stop to that.

We got home to another family emergency. With the universe now closed for one day "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" had run out of bumwad. "er indoors TM" set off on a mercy mission; my suggestion of baking it until midnight then using the wrapping paper from the Christmas presents hadn’t gone down well.

With bumwad delivered "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of dinner and we scoffed it and washed it down with Christmas stout. For afters was port and cheese.
Headache in the morning…?

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