7 November 2015 (Saturday) - Before the Night Shift

I slept well last night even though I was woken in the small hours by a small dog trying to get comfortable. I resisted the temptation to take him back to his basket, then rolled over and slept through till after 8am.
Over brekkie I had a look-see on-line. Little had changed. Squabbles and knob jokes abounded on social media in equal proportion. I laughed at the knob jokes and resisted the temptation to join in with the squabbles.

I looked out of the window; the day was overcast. With heavy rain forecast within the hour I decided against going out route-planning for my New Year walk, which was a shame. I like to do something "special" on the day of a night shift before going to bed, if only to give me something to blog about.
Instead I took "Furry Face TM" for a shorter walk. We took a rather circuitous walk round to the back of the park to (hopefully) avoid most of the joggers who infest the park on a Saturday morning. We did avoid most of them, but we were almost forced off the path by a swarm of forty joggers who were doing a bonus lap.
To their credit they stopped and apologized for jogging ten abreast. I was tempted to ask why they bothered jogging because not one of them looked to be enjoying it, but I kept quiet.

We came home, and I spent a couple of hours emptying unwanted tat from my back room into dustbin bags and then did a tip run. It never fails to amaze me just how much rubbish I have hoarded. (If it were not rubbish then I wouldn't be so surprised to realise I hadn't thrown it away years ago).
As I came back from the tip so the drizzle started. This rather boiled my piss; we *could* have gone out for that longer walk before the rain hit after all.

I finally managed to get hold of the nice lady who organises the hall bookings for the hall in which the astro club meets. She said she'd seen all the calls I made yesterday but because she didn't recognise my number she hadn't answered it. (Oh how we laughed).
I've managed to change the date of the December meeting. It's now planned for a date which I can't make because I made my arrangements based on a date which was originally decided upon in a formal committee meeting over a year ago.

As "er indoors TM" set off to today's geo-meet I had a shower and over a spot of lunch watched this week's episode of "Detectorists". I then took myself off to bed for the afternoon. I slept as well as I could for a couple of hours despite next door's clanging their infernal piano.

I'm off to the night shift now. Much as I say I like the night work I actually like the fact that working longer shifts means I work less of them and consequently have more days off in the week.
But I'm coming to actively dislike the day time before the night shifts. I spend the morning desperately wanting to actually do something so the day isn't wasted and the afternoon trying to sleep whilst next door clangs their piano.
I've got another tomorrow...

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