21 November 2015 (Saturday) - A Birthday Meal

I must have been tired yesterday: I slept for over eight hours; finally being woken by the backache I get when I've been iin my pit for far too long. I got up to find a very rainy day outside. Over brekkie I saw on social media that people had seen some snow earlier.
The rain must have been bad; "Furry Face TM" knows that when I'm not working we go for a walk immediately after brekkie. He wasn't at all interested in going out until I got dressed.
We went for a little walk round the park. There was a pheasant in Bowen's Field; fortunately my dog didn't see it. As we'd left home the morning was brightening up; as we walked the weather was going from bright sunshine to rain and back again on a minute by minute basis. And it was *cold*; winter has definately arrived.

Once home, being at a loose end, my thoughts turned to matters geocachical (as they do from time to time). I've got half a dozen caches in the Park Farm area that have been there for three years. A couple would seem to be in need of fixing. I thought about going out and replacing them (again) but pretty much everyone who is going to find them has found them by now. So rather than leaving them blocking up the area it is time to think about making room for something else. So I started working on a new Wherigo.
I have effectively all but abandoned the Dungeons and Dragons one I was planning for the Viccie Park area; it is far too complicated. People want easy. So I started working on an easy one with a view to putting it in the Park Farm area. It will replace one of the caches there leaving half a dozen places for others to put things out.
After three hours I had come up wiith about thirty seconds of game play.

We took a little time out for a spot of shopping at the outlet centre. Mountain Warehouse were having a "fifty per cent off" sale so we went round to the outlet for a look-see. Mind you Mountain Warehouse's fifty per cent off still made their prices double that of Matalan.
I really can't see the attraction of the McArthur Glen outlet centre. People travel hundreds of miles (literally) to go there just to pay vastly over-inflated prices.
We contented ourselves with a festive bevarage from the festive beverage stall (they actually had one) and then went round to Matalan. I got a couple of pairs of trousers for less than the price of one pair of trousers from Mountain Warehouse; the only difference being the ones I bought didn't have the brand name on them.

Once home I had a bit of Lacey's birthday cake with a cuppa. I checked out emails whilst I did so. Isn't LinkedIn a load of old rubbish? Do people *really* use it as a professional network? I saw I had been endorsed for my skills in management, quality assurance, medicine and research by a couple of people who have never even met me, and I had been asked to give a professional opinion on a chap I've met (fleetingly) on less than half a dozen occassions. I was also asked to add Dean Quinn, julie Hayes and Katherine Hibberd to my list of connections. If any of my loyal readers know who Dean Quinn, julie Hayes or Katherine Hibberd are, perhaps they might let me know. And perhaps they might tell julie Hayes about the concept of capitalising a forename.

A couple more hours were wasted making the Wherigo until "My Boy TM" came round and eight of us went into Ashford for Lacey's birthday meal.
The Paper Duck does an "all you can eat" buffet. I didn't quite eat as much as the young lady on the opposite table who really did eat until she was sick. But there's no denying I ate far too much. Having scoffed ourselves silly we then want back to Mark and Lisa's where we watched Christmas songs and I tried to settle my stomach with a couple of pints of Bishop's Finger.
It didn't really settle...

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