12 November 2015 (Thursday) - C.V. Writing

i seem to be somewhat obsessed with the possibility of a promotion to the Maidstone Hospital. I lay awake for much of the night speculating on the "what if"s of the matter. Do I *really* want to go back to a managerial position? Despite the "unfortunate episode" that led to me being in my current position I actually do like my job at the moment. I feel it rather suits me, and I've not once in the last four years felt physically sick at the thought of going into work (a welcome change from how things used to be).
However... These days I do wander in to work on the dot of starting time, spend much of the day spouting purile banter, and am gone like a shot the moment the clock gets to home time. I make no secret that at the moment I am just coasting to my retirement in (about) eight to ten years' time. I particularly like my current shift system (which gives me days off like today). And I don't miss the problems and difficulties of command at all. Nowadays no one phones me to tell me they are going sick just an hour before their shift starts. When equipment has little hiccups I can pass the problem over to someone else with a clear conscience.
But I do feel I could contribute so much more.I've been "the boss" before; whilst I'm not a natural manager I don't think I was *that* bad at it. I particularly miss the formal training and mentoring of the trainee staff. I would like the opportunity to feel that I'd actually done something positive from time to time.
And a couple of hundred more quid each month wouldn't go amiss.
Do I want to go back to being a boss? I don't know. At the moment it is not a decision I have to make. I shall wait for the job in Maidstone to be advertised and see exactly what is on offer and then think about applying.
And (you never know) - they might not even want me.

One off the advantages of my current job is that what with the vagaries of the shift system I do have quite a few days off mid-week. I used one of those days (Monday) to get the washing machine fixed. Tuesday was another such day when I got my New Year walk (provisionally and hopefully) sorted. Today was another day off and so I'd arranged to get the boiler serviced. In a possible New World Order I might have to use annual leave for that sort of thing.
The nice boiler man soon arrived and was pleasantly surprised at how clean our boiler was. It didn't take him long to do his thing and he was soon on his way. And so "Furry Face TM" and I were soon on our way too; a walk round to Frog's Island and back.

As we walked Fudge did his fudge (as we all do). I was just bagging it up when a passing looney stopped and announced that it was making him feel really hungry. I did wonder if I should hand the bag of poo over to him; instead I just smiled sweetly and got away as quickly as we could.
We carried on into South Willesborough where I did a little geo-maintenance and we came home past the outlet centre where a certain dog rolled in a dead sparrow. (What a delightful dog I have). It was shortly after this that we again encountered the passing looney we'd met earlier. He was now munching on a Cornish pasty and on seeing us he beamed and loudly announced that he's told us that he was hungry.

Over lunch I watched last night's episode of "You, Me and the Apocalypse"; the series started well and has had some interesting plot twists but it seems now to be in danger of not actually going anywhere. And with lunch scoffed I had a little look at my C.V. Once I seemed to do nothing but constantly re-write it to no avail.
I then re-vamped my LinkedIn profile. I can't help but wonder if anyone actually looks at those things but I suppose it can't help to have the thing up to date. If anyone would care to give it the once-over I'd be grateful for any comments or suggestions.

Over a rather late dinner we watched last Saturday's episode of Doctor Who. It was rather good...

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