5 November 2015 (Thursday) - Bonfire Night?

Being on a late shift I didn't have an alarm set for this morning and so I slept a while lot better. And it is amazing how much warmer the house is at 7am rather than at 5am.
Once brekkied I took "Furry Face TM" round the park for our walk. I think I confused him a little by not following our usual route. I had this plan to get a photo of him in front of the fountain so I went on one side of the hedge whilst he went on the other. When he realised what had happened he tried to run through said hedge. And got just the teensiest bit stuck.

With walk walked I then drove down to Folkestone. As I drove there was a program on the radio which could have been rather interesting. It started off trying to explain the way in which algorithms can be used. I say "trying" because the presenter didn't like the term "algorithm". He would have preferred "estimate" or "best guess" and wasted five minutes of air time making a big fuss about it. He then seemed to get rather stressed when the experts being interviewed told him that (bearing in mind how little he understood of basic maths and science) the application of prime number factorisation to DNA analysis and cryptography simply couldn't be dumbed down enough to be explained to him in thirty seconds.
It rather amazes me that Radio Four presenters expect the listeners to be conversant with the most obscure books and plays, but don't understand the most basic mathematical or scientific concepts.

I'd gone down to Folkestone a little earlier than I needed to because last night I'd solved a geo-puzzle. I had this naive idea to go find it today. I didn't find it. I found myself scrambling up a muddy slope to rummage in a jungle; I gave up after five minutes and went round to see the littun.
Littlun was watching a new (to me) TV show. "Paw Patrol" is best described as "Thunderbirds done by dogs"; I quite liked it. I would have watched more, but work was calling.

As I drove toward Hawkinge I felt rather peckish so I stopped off at the roadside burger van. The fact that there was a geocache not ten yards from the van was neither here nor there. I had a rather good saugage in a baguette and got fried onions all down my shirt.
I called in to Sainsburys as I was passing. Normally I wouldn't go there but time was pressing and it was the only supermarket I was passing. I needed supplies so I got a jar of their own-brand strawberry jam and a jar of their own-brand marmalade. Both costing nearly three times the price of what Morrisons charge for their own-brand stuff.

I got to work and had a rather horrendous day. For those who understand such things I had a case with a serious haemmorage with a concomitant anti-Fy(a) followed by an anaemic anti-M. For those to whom this is akin to the application of prime number factorisation to DNA analysis and cryptography, let's just say it was something of a brown alert (like a red alert but needing fresh pants).
In fact the shift was such that despite working overlooking (sort of) the county cricket ground I didn't get to spend hours staring out of the window watching their firework display. There's no denying that I was rather vocal in my complaints on the matter.

Mind you once home I did watch the Rocky Horror Show Live which was being broadcast on the Sky Arts channel. What with that and the landscape artist of the year competition that's twice I've watched the Sky Arts channel this week.
I must be getting cultured...

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